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At nailmatic, we’ve got the blues – but in a totally feelgood way!
Marnie is the last word in chic, while Charlie brings a dose of electric energy and Lou a calm serenity.
Up to you to choose (or pick them all…)!
Blue nails are a proud match for a pair of jeans, a Breton top and a dark blazer.

Let yourself be taken on a journey with our range of blues. They say that opposites attract – and it’s true for our blue nail polishes! The very essence of water, there is a whole palette of incredible shades – sometimes the most surprising.
Our blue polishes reveal their secrets, wave by wave, starting with the charming Malo, a shimmering metallic midnight shade.
Blue as a nail polish? It’s a matter of course! And even more so when it’s water-based. Match it with your favourite pair of jeans for a deceptively casual look.
Add a Breton-stripe top and you’re channelling cool blue through and through!