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Nude and beige

As for their colours, Sasha is a sheer pink, Elsa is a real peach (perfect for a French manicure),
Aida is a pale nude and Coumba a darker nude.

Natural tones are back, and they’re even better – the now neutral is nude!
No need to fake it with our nude range – its simple touch will make all the difference, but in the most subtle ways.
Our nude polishes have got you covered for every occasion: a job interview, date night, a wedding – just paint and go! Call upon Sakura, Anzu, Gaia and Nana (choose according to your skin tone) for a clean, natural, second-skin effect.
Beautified nails and a fresh glow guaranteed!

We created three shades of BB nail for a natural finish to match your skin tone, all available in a duo gift set and a make-your-own sets.

BB nail, foundation for your nails.
A nailmatic innovation, BB nail is a true nail foundation, our precious secret manicure weapon for beautified nails
with a natural finish. It creates a smooth, even finish for your nails and puts them in their best light.
Blurs imperfections.  
High coverage texture + invisible, no makeup effect.
Semi-mat, soft-touch finish.
Totally invisible, works brilliantly on Mr nailmatic’s nail, too.  
Enriched with plant keratin and starflower oil for added hydration.
How does it work? This beauty miracle is all down to Porcelain Flower,
a highly-covetable plant extract for nude cosmetics.

Bio-based 10 free polish
This nail-friendly precious liquid is made from 84% bio-based ingredients.
What’s new? Our polishes have been given a makeover! We’ve switched petrochemical-based solvents for
plant-derived alternatives, made from raw materials such as potato, cotton and manioc.  
10-free, naturally beautifying nail polish? Indeed. We’ve also waved goodbye to all of these mean nasty ingredients: paraben, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, xylene, styrene, camphor, resin of formaldehyde, benzophenone-1 and nanoparticles.

Eco-friendly manicure
BB nail is kind to your nails AND the planet.
Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, because green is glam.
Packaging made from paper from renewably-managed, FSC-certified forests.
Made in France with care and grace.

BB nail beauty rules
1/ The first rule of manicure club: start with clean hands! Wash off all creams,
dust and fibres before you get down to business.
2/ Easy: you can apply BB nail at the edge of the table or during your coffee break.
3/ One coat is enough, two will give a sophisticated final touch.
4/ No top coat required: it would ruin the « nude » effet!
Best tip: stunning effect under pastel colours