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Pure Glitter Peel-off Nail Base - Bye Bye Glitter

Protective peel off base coat

A new generation water-based peel-off base! Bye Bye Glitter allows you to fix and remove glitter nail polishes (and intense colours) in a flash.

This protective base coat also hemps applying our Pure Glitter biodegradable loose glitter!

8 ml


Pure Glitter
Peel-off Nail Base - Bye Bye Glitter
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  • Details
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    Nail polish and glitter peel off base coat

    Nail that dazzling manicure with Bye Bye Glitter!
    – Easy applying and removing nail polish
    - Helps fix loose glitter
    - Dries quickly
    - No need for nail polish remover or cotton pads
    - Protects nails
    - Clean formula 58% water

    Change your polish (and your mind) more often

    It's possible thanks to Bye Bye Glitter! Master your look down to your fingertips for a special event or just for fun.
    Perfect for nailistas in a hurry to party! Going into casual or interview mode the next day? All you have to do is peel off your nail polish.
    Awesome news for those who cannot wear nail polish at work (in a hospital environment for example). You can remove your nail polish in less than 5 minutes and without spilling anything.

    Bye bye nail polish remover, bye bye cotton!

    Our water-based Bye Bye Glitter makes special occasions mani super easy! Thanks to this peel off base, you can remove your glitter polish by “peeling” it, just like a sticker. Hello peel off base coat, goodbye nail polish remover: no more dry nails...
    No nail polish remover, no cotton either, which means a lighter suitcase for holidays. And it goes so much faster with express makeup removal. Time to upgrade your beauty routines, right?
    Another big advantage with Bye Bye Glitter: no unpleasant smell, use it wherever you want. Manicure at will without disturbing anyone, where do we sign? Total win-win.

    A protective peel-off base coat for nails

    High pigmented nail polishes tend to leave residue on the nails. Bye Bye Glitter protects them just like a shield. Forget about yellowed or discolored nails.
    Bye Bye Glitter works wonders with high pigmented nail polishes. You know, those which annoyingly stain nails for days… Well, it's over, so much the better!
    Dermatologically tested.

    Loose glitter manicure: how to apply

    Get that dream glitter nails!
    1 - Apply Bye Bye Glitter peel off base coat.
    2 - Apply Pure Glitter using a brush or by dipping the nails directly into the pot.
    3 - Tap the nails above the pot to remove excess glitter.
    4 - Let it dry and go shine bright!
    To remove glitter from nails, it's simple: peel off the Bye Bye Glitter base like a sticker.

    Glitter nail polish manicure: how does it work?

    As with any classic mani routine, it takes around twenty minutes overall.
    1 - Apply 2 coats of peel off base coat on clean, dry nails.
    2 - Let dry until the film becomes transparent before applying your nail polish.
    3 - Enjoy your glitter manicure for an hour, a day, an evening or a weekend.
    You have two options for removing your nail polish: take an orange wood cuticle stick and gently peel the polish starting from one edge of the nail. Or you can use your fingers to do it, again easy…

    Pure Glitter: biodegradable glitter

    Our plant-based loose glitter is biodegradable, made in Germany and packaged in France. They do not contain allergens, nanoparticles or antimony (a heavy metal with a health risk used in many pigments and dyes).
    Softer than classic polyester glitter (up to 40% according to blind tests), dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.
    Add a touch of glam to your look: on the nails, but also on the face, body and hair. Natural glitter that brightens your life without polluting the planet.
    Made with 72% regenerated cellulose from wood pulp (beech bamboo, white pine) and vegetable glycerin (11%), they boasts an impressive natural rate: up to 91.5% (varies with shades).
    Thanks to this eco-friendly formulation, our glitter degrades in a natural environment (water) in less than a month. Fun without the hassle, party with a light spirit!

  • Formulation
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    Bye Bye Glitter is a peel off base coat formulated without petrochemical solvents, great news for the planet and for your nails! Instead we use a waterproof resin with fantastic properties. The best of cosmetics for brighter tomorrows…

    Water represents 58% of the formula.


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Directions for use

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Directions for use

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Bye Bye Glitter?

    Bye Bye Glitter is a peel-off base for nail polish, perfect for easy application and removal of nail polish, as well as for securing glitter.

  • How does Bye Bye Glitter work?

    This peel-off base is applied like a layer of nail polish and can be removed by "peeling" it off like a sticker. It helps secure glitter and protect the nails.

    Bye Bye Glitter dries quickly, doesn't require nail polish remover or cotton for removal, protects the nails, and contains a clean water-based formula (58% water).

  • How to Apply Bye Bye Glitter ?

    How to Use for a Glitter Manicure:

    1. Apply the peel-off base.

    2. Sprinkle Pure Glitter onto the wet base or dip your nail directly into the glitter pot.

    3. Gently tap the nails over the pot to remove excess glitter.

    4. Let it dry, and when you want to remove the glitter, peel off the base like a sticker.

    How does the nail polish removal work with this base?

    To remove the nail polish, gently push the nail polish from one edge of the nail using a cuticle pusher or your own nail.

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