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French Days : Vegan Nail Polish

French Days : Vegan Nail Polish

Nailmatic takes you on a French Days beauty trip with an irresistible offer for eco-conscious nail polish fans. -20% on all our AQUA nail range, duo sets included. Offer runs until May 9th. Grab yours !

French Days: get a 20% discount on water-based nail polishes

6 French Days focused on nails only; how cool is that? Especially when itt's about our AQUA nail range: 54% water-based, 20 gorgeous colours, that's a true prowess for an adult nail polish. AQUA nail boasts a super clean smell-free formula, which means... Yay! That you can apply it anywhere you like, anytime you want. No one will ever bother ;)
Better even, your water-based manicure lasts for 5 days, provided that you use AQUA nail base & top coat to fix it all (50% water-based). It's cleaner, more responsible, but also shiny and trendy, with awesome colours. Talking about a nail-revolution!

French Days: nail polishes made in France, going local from A to Z

AQUA nail is made in France in a 200km range from our parisian headquarter offices. And it's not occasionnal, it's just what we've been doing from the start, long before it became a trend. All our nail polishes are proudly made in France. Going as local as possible is a non negotiable condition.
Thus, our adult plant-based nail polish range is also made in our beautiful country, as well as our nailmatic kids water-based nail polish range. It's not only about boasting, it's also about providing the safest nail polishes possible, with great performances, strictly following the EU legislation.