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Show off with the top down in Ella, or hold on tight to the handlebars of a blue bicycle with Georgia!
And channel Hollywood glamour with our starlets Grace, Kate and Marilou.
And – finally – watch out for our trio of femme fatales: Dita, Amour and Judy.
Red polish can be teamed up with pretty much any shade – especially black and glitter for a guaranteed wow effect!

The nailmaTeam is passionate about red polishes! Our selection of red nail polishes beautifies all skin tones, from the very lightest to the very deepest. A striking classic that can go anywhere, from the most simple look to the most sophisticated. We love it with a pair of jeans and a basic white t-shirt. To be worn without restraint.
Give in to temptation with our burgundy tones, Cherry and Margot. Our timeless classics Airelle and Thelma are the purest reds in the range. When coral comes into the mix, medium and darker skin tones sparkle with Poppy and Capucine.
Which red will tempt you in…? Catch them all!