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Plant-based Nail Polish Electric blue Nail Polish - Charlie

Our beloved Charlie is an electric blue nail polish: full of boldness and pep, it brightens up your nails! Vibrant and daring, this bio-sourced polish is one of the treasures in our crazy color palette. Wear it with black, white, or brown for a chic look, dare to add gold or silver for an extra glam touch.

Clash it with fuchsia pink or yellow for multiplied brilliance.

Made in France with love.


Plant-based Nail Polish
Electric blue Nail Polish - Charlie
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  • Details
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    The electric blue nail polish Charlie stands out with its vibrant and captivating color that evokes positive energy and freedom. Electric blue, with its dynamic brilliance, harmonizes perfectly with all outfits, adding an artistic dimension to your look.

    But it's not just about style – Charlie goes beyond. This polish is part of the Pure Color nail polish range, ensuring a quality formula without compromise. You can flaunt this shade with a clear conscience, as it belongs to the family of bio-sourced polishes, emphasizing an environmentally-friendly approach without sacrificing performance.

    How to Apply Charlie Electric Blue Nail Polish?

    Applying this polish is a breeze thanks to its smooth texture and precise brush, allowing you to achieve a professional finish effortlessly. Moreover, its long-lasting formula ensures that your manicure stays impeccable for an extended period, giving you the freedom to fully enjoy your radiant style.

    • Nail Preparation:

    1. Clean your nails: Start by removing any residue of previous polish using a gentle nail polish remover. Ensure your nails are clean and dry.
    2. Trim and file: Trim your nails to the desired length and file them to achieve the desired shape.
    • Base Application:

    1. Apply a base: Use a layer of protective base before applying the polish. This protects your nails from the polish pigments and allows for longer wear.
    • Electric Blue Polish Application:

    1. Shake the bottle: Make sure to shake the polish bottle well to evenly mix the pigments.
    2. Go for the first coat: Apply a thin layer of polish. Start at the center of the nail, then spread towards the sides. Let it dry.
    3. Add a second coat: Apply a second layer to intensify the color and ensure complete coverage. Let it dry again.
    • Top Coat Application:

    1. Seal with a top coat: Add a layer of transparent top coat. This protects the polish, gives it shine, and extends the lifespan of your manicure.
    • Nail Care:

    1. Hydrate your cuticles: Use a moisturizing cuticle balm to nourish the skin around your nails.
    2. Use a nail serum: Regularly apply a nail serum to maintain their flexibility and prevent them from drying out.
    3. Take breaks: Let your nails breathe between manicures. Avoid wearing polish continuously to prevent dehydration.
    4. Protect your nails: Wear gloves during household chores or activities that could damage your nails.

    When to Wear this Electric Blue Nail Polish?

    The Charlie electric blue nail polish is not just a shade; it's a bold statement. Here are some ideal occasions to flaunt this electrifying hue:

    • Special Evenings: Whether it's a night out with friends, a romantic dinner, or a city outing, the electric blue nail polish adds a touch of glamour to your special moments.
    • Festive Events: During celebrations and festivals, dare to wear vibrant color to add positive energy to the atmosphere.
    • Sunny Days: Sunny days call for bright shades. Wear this polish to make your radiance shine under the sun.
    • Stylish Office Wear: In a professional environment that allows personal expression, electric blue nail polish can be your chic ally, adding a touch of creativity to your look.

    How to Coordinate Your Electric Blue Nail Polish with Your Outfit?

    Matching your nail polish to your outfit can create visual harmony. Here are some tips to coordinate electric blue nail polish with your style:

    • Elegant Contrast: Pair electric blue nail polish with neutral outfits like white, black, or gray for a stylish contrast that highlights the color.
    • Monochrome Ensemble: Opt for an outfit in matching shades of blue for a bold and modern monochrome look.
    • Colorful Accent: Use electric blue nail polish as a colorful accent. It can be the focal point of your outfit, whether on your nails or through matching accessories.
    • Subtle Prints: If you're wearing patterns or prints, choose subtle designs that complement rather than compete with the electric blue color of your nails.

    Tips for Electrifying Nail Art with Electric Blue Nail Polish:

    Start by applying a clear base coat to protect your nails and ensure optimal polish adhesion.

    • Featured Electric Blue Manicure:

    Use electric blue nail polish as the base color. Let it dry completely.

    Accentuate with Golden Glitters: Add a touch of glamour by applying golden glitters on the nail of your choice. You can create patterns, lines, or simply opt for a revamped French manicure.

    • Vibrant Contrasts with Dark Pink:

    Select one or two nails to accentuate with dark pink glitters. This creates a vibrant contrast with the electric blue.

    • Tropical Vibes with Turquoise:

    For a summery look, add turquoise glitters to certain nails. This evokes a tropical and refreshing ambiance.

    • Warm Sparks in Orange:

    Orange glitters can bring a subtle warmth. Use them to create gradients, accents, or geometric patterns.

    • Electric Blue and Silver Manicure:

    Use silver glitters to balance the overall look. This adds a touch of sophistication and completes the color palette.

    Seal your masterpiece with a sparkling clear top coat. This not only protects your nail art but also enhances the glitter's shine. Use a fine brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean the edges for a neat and professional result.

    Take a moment to admire your electrifying nail art and share it with the world using #nailmatic. It's sure to garner praise!

    The Charlie electric blue nail polish, a source of radiance and boldness, is proudly made in France. This vibrant shade, embodying both modernity and elegance, is the result of French craftsmanship. Made with care and attention, this polish not only offers captivating color but also quality that meets French standards.

  • Formulation
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    The PURE Color range's Charlie nail polish, with its resolutely bio-sourced formula, embodies a new era of beauty that is respectful of nature and our nails. Carefully crafted, this formula derives its power from raw materials of natural origin.

    Cotton, corn, potatoes, wheat, and manioc are the main actors in this bio-sourced symphony, transforming through green chemistry into ingredients such as plasticizers, some solvents, and nitrocellulose. These bio-sourced components are not just an ethical choice but a true evolution towards sustainable beauty.

    The evolving formula of PURE Color incorporates beneficial actives, such as silicon known for strengthening the nail structure, hexanal, a renowned active for its hardening properties, and red algae, recognized for their moisturizing and remineralizing virtues.

    PURE Color is fully committed to sustainability with up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients. A commitment that involves no compromise on the exceptional durability of the nail polish.

    For the specifically chosen electric blue Charlie polish, you enjoy 72% natural origin ingredients and 76.5% bio-sourced ingredients.


  • Delivery and returns
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    Delivery and returns

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Directions for use

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Directions for use
Start with a layer of base coat

You're in for a longer lasting manicure, protected nails and a smooth surface for your color to adhere to. 

Apply your nail polish in three swipes.

One down the middle, followed by one either side. Leave a one-millimetre gap between the cuticle and the color for a professional-style finish. 

1 or 2 coats?

Our formula has been especially made to achieve perfect results with one single coat.
You can apply a second coat for denser and more opaque coverage: first layer thin, second one thicker. 

Seal the deal with a slick of top coat.

It’ll give your colour a super glossy, long-wear finish, so we recommend it! Add an extra coat 48 hours later for even longer wear.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to use AQUA nail (water-based) and PURE color (plant-based) ranges together?

    You can combine our two nail polish ranges occasionally: for example PURE color base & top coat on water-based nail polish AQUA nail. In that case, we can’t guarantee their usual longwear performances. Your nail polish may not last as long as expected.

  • How to dilute nail polish?

    What?! Dilute your nail polish?? No way!! It will become less efficient: altered texture, less easy to apply, less glossy, shorter wear.
    To avoid this, clean the neck of your nail polish bottle after use, close your nail polish and store it in a dry place (avoid prolonged sun exposure).

  • Can i use nail polish during my pregnancy?

    First of all, congratulations!! So, if you’re pregnant, it’s better not to use nail polish. No study has shown the contrary so we pt for a cautious approach. It's only for 9 months anyway. Take this as an opportunity to set your nails free, using our serums for a healthy natural result. 

  • Does plant-based nail polish mean that it’s organic?

    Organic nail polish in itself doesn’t exist (or you’re a green-washing victim). Nail polish remains a very technical product that for now can’t be 100% natural or organic.

    However, we’re developing increasingly responsible formulas, using plant-based solvents. Ingredients of natural origin like manioc, wheat, cotton, corn and potatoes.

  • Does 100% natural nail polish exist?

    We can’t totally say goodbye to performance when talking about nail polish. Or. You might end up with a nail polish with a questionable texture (pasty or too liquid) that will chip at the slightest impact. Plasticizes and film-forming agents are essential for a formulation that meets your expectations. These ingredients are safe but they are by no means natural. We pursue our efforts to reach higher levels of naturalness.

    Another option would be to rub you nails with beetroot to get a red manicure, any volunteers?

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