Box Sets

Box Sets

They’re so good that it’s difficult to choose… So don’t! Life is so much better with two or three… If our fabulous colour range makes you dizzy, follow the nailmatic guide and collect the nailmatic sets!

Why box sets? Originally it was a way to give our must have polishes a place in the most beautiful concept stores. Real fashion accessories in minimal packaging. Exclusives, limited editions… A real essential for beauty addicts!

Each collaboration is a new adventure. There are so many wonderful creative minds around us that we had to find an excuse to team up with them… And we found it!

The box set is so chic in itself that you can give it as it is. No need for ribbons and additional wrapping—we’ve thought of everything!

Our nail polishes go the distance and rise to any challenge! They fulfil strict specifications with innovative formulas based on natural ingredients that capture light, enhance colours and protect the natural beauty of your nails.

BB Nail calls upon the cream of the crop of secret beauty agents to serve your nails. Secret and discrete with their nude effect, they are available in three shades. To be used alone or as a base.
And if you choose to use them as a base, there is nothing better than our reds Grazia, Dita and Romy to complement the BB nail effect. More than a duo, it’s a nail addict classic!

nailmatic insists on having real, close links with all of its suppliers and is based on 100% French savoir-faire.

Just as pretty outside as in, nailmatic pays attention to every single detail. In addition to our bottles with their already-iconic design, our packaging is recyclable and printed with vegetable dyes.

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