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What if buying a gorgeous pink shade meant help raising awareness? 
What if it also meant getting your hands on an exclusive design? 
Well, here we are: 
100% of all benefits from our pink PURE color range will be donated to a charitable organisation called Urban Rose. 
And yes, each pink will be sent in a very special topless packaging with a pink ribbon. 
The money raised will help fund medical research and bring awareness all year long about breast cancer. 
Why 100%? Because Breast Awareness Month means a lot to us, as a brand focused on all aspects of Womanhood and as individuals. 

Pinks bring to mind being fresh as a (pink) daisy in the morning, full of sweetness and light. 

But, we also can’t resist looking on the bright side of life with pinks that are just bursting with colour:
explosive Emiko, vintage Paloma, glittery Bonnie, sweet Ami… Think pink? Absolutely!
Pink nail polish looks great contrasted with blue, grey and taupe. To be worn without moderation!