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Plant-based Nail Polish Pastel blue Nail Polish - Alice

Fill up with tenderness with our pastel blue nail polish Alice. This delicate, creamy shade gives your nails a lovely dragee color. Feel free to pair it with a summery pastel look.

Wow effect with yellow, white, denim, or pearl gray. A well-covering, bio-sourced nail polish, made in France.


Plant-based Nail Polish
Pastel blue Nail Polish - Alice
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  • Details
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    The delicate pastel blue of this nail polish evokes the color of Alice's dress in Wonderland, adding a touch of softness to your manicure. With the subtle shade of pastel blue polish, elevate your style with effortless grace.

    Our application tips for pastel blue nail polish:

    1. Clean your nails and ensure they are clean and dry. Use a remover to eliminate any residue from previous polish.
    2. Trim and file: Adjust the length of your nails according to your preference. File them to achieve the desired shape.
    3. Apply a protective base: Choose a quality base to protect your nails. Apply a thin layer of base to ensure optimal polish adhesion.
    4. Application of Alice pastel blue polish: Before application, gently shake the bottle to mix the formula.
    5. Apply the polish: Start from the center of the nail, then stretch the polish towards the sides. Use precise strokes for even coverage.
    6. Let it dry.
    7. Apply a top coat to extend the polish's durability. This will also add a brilliant shine to your manicure.
    8. Additional nail care: Hydrate your cuticles! Use cuticle oil to moisturize and soften your cuticles, promoting healthy nail growth.

    Take breaks: Give your nails breaks between polish applications. Let them breathe and enjoy natural care.

    When to Wear Alice Pastel Blue Polish?

    • Sunny days: Pastel blue is the perfect shade to brighten sunny days. Apply Alice polish for a touch of freshness that complements the daylight.
    • Casual events: Whether it's a hangout with friends, a shopping day, or a picnic in the park, pastel blue polish brings a casual and chic note to your nails without being too much.
    • Spring evenings: Spring evenings call for lightness. Opt for Alice polish for a manicure that captures the fresh and joyful spirit of the season.

    How to Coordinate Your Alice Pastel Blue Nail Polish with Your Outfit?

    • Delicate Monochrome: Create a monochromatic look by matching your pastel blue nail polish with similar shades in your outfit. This could be a dress, a top, or even accessories.
    • Subtle Contrast: Play with contrast by pairing pastel blue with neutral tones like white, beige, or gray. This will highlight the color while creating a balanced aesthetic.
    • Colorful Accents: If you enjoy experimenting, blend Alice polish with complementary colors like coral or pale yellow. These pops of brightness will create a bold and sophisticated look.
    • Casual Style: For a laid-back outfit, pastel blue nail polish pairs perfectly with jeans, simple t-shirts, and sneakers. It's the ideal way to add a touch of color to your everyday look.

    Ideas for Manicures with Pastel Blue Nail Polish:

    Need inspiration? Nail art with Alice pastel blue polish and biodegradable glitters offers a multitude of creative possibilities. Here are some tips for achieving unique and vibrant designs:

    • Sparkling Pastel Blue Manicure:

    1. Apply pastel blue polish as a base on all nails.
    2. Once dry, add a touch of glamour by sprinkling biodegradable glitters on one or two nails. Opt for gold glitters for a warm contrast or silver for a cooler look.
    • Glitter Accent Manicure:

    1. Use Alice polish on all nails except the ring finger.
    2. Apply a layer of clear polish on the ring finger and add biodegradable glitters. You can create patterns or scatter them randomly.
    • Gradient Glitter Manicure:

    1. Apply pastel blue polish on the lower half of the nail.
    2. Use a makeup sponge to create a gradient by gently tapping biodegradable glitters along the separation line.
    3. Choose glitters in a matching color or create contrast with a complementary hue.
    • Shimmering Galaxy Effect Manicure:

    1. Apply Alice polish as a base.
    2. With a fine brush, create abstract patterns using biodegradable glitters in different colors to represent sparkling stars on a pastel blue background.
    • Glamorous French Manicure:

    1. Opt for a French manicure using pastel blue polish for the base and biodegradable glitters as a border on the nail tip.
    2. Choose a glitter color that subtly contrasts with pastel blue for an elegant look.

    Crafted with care in France, this nail polish embodies the artisanal expertise and quality that characterize the French tradition.

  • Formulation
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    Our formula is bio-sourced, utilizing natural raw materials transformed through green chemistry.

    Bio-sourced ingredients such as cotton, corn, potatoes, wheat, and cassava form the foundation of our nail polish, with plasticizer, some solvents, and nitrocellulose also sourced from bio-based origins. This innovative approach combines science with sustainability, creating a formula that lightens the environmental impact while offering vibrant color.

    But PURE Color doesn't stop there. Our formula evolves with carefully selected actives to take care of your nails:

    • Silicon strengthens the nail structure, ensuring a solid base for your manicure.
    • Hexanal, known for its hardening properties, adds extra resistance.
    • Red algae, rich in moisturizing and remineralizing virtues, bring a touch of care with each application.

    With up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients, PURE Color offers an explosion of color without compromising durability. We take pride in being a vegan option, aligned with ethical values while providing you with a palette of vibrant colors.

    The Alice Pastel Blue polish contains 74.5% natural origin ingredients and 81% bio-sourced ingredients.


  • Delivery and returns
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    Delivery and returns

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in Europe

    & Free delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in France (home and pick up delivery).

    • Orders placed from Monday to Friday before 9.30 am will be processed on the same day.

    • Orders placed from Monday to Thursday after 9.30 am will be processed on the following day.

    • Orders placed from Friday after 9.30 am to Sunday evening will be processed on the following Monday.

    • Orders placed on French public holidays will be processed on the following working day.
    • Delivery to a Relay pick up location (Colissimo & La Poste)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Home delivery without signature and with tracking (Colissimo)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Express Chronopost
      Delay: D+1 (meaning the following working day)
    • Home delivery with tracking
      4 to 10 working days after shipment

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over.

    nailmatic doesn’t ship outside of Europe.

    Unfortunately, shipment costs to French overseas department and territories are extremely high. Thus, we can't deliver in these areas.

Directions for use

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Directions for use
Start with a layer of base coat

You're in for a longer lasting manicure, protected nails and a smooth surface for your color to adhere to. 

Apply your nail polish in three swipes.

One down the middle, followed by one either side. Leave a one-millimetre gap between the cuticle and the color for a professional-style finish. 

1 or 2 coats?

Our formula has been especially made to achieve perfect results with one single coat.
You can apply a second coat for denser and more opaque coverage: first layer thin, second one thicker. 

Seal the deal with a slick of top coat.

It’ll give your colour a super glossy, long-wear finish, so we recommend it! Add an extra coat 48 hours later for even longer wear.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to use AQUA nail (water-based) and PURE color (plant-based) ranges together?

    You can combine our two nail polish ranges occasionally: for example PURE color base & top coat on water-based nail polish AQUA nail. In that case, we can’t guarantee their usual longwear performances. Your nail polish may not last as long as expected.

  • How to dilute nail polish?

    What?! Dilute your nail polish?? No way!! It will become less efficient: altered texture, less easy to apply, less glossy, shorter wear.
    To avoid this, clean the neck of your nail polish bottle after use, close your nail polish and store it in a dry place (avoid prolonged sun exposure).

  • Can i use nail polish during my pregnancy?

    First of all, congratulations!! So, if you’re pregnant, it’s better not to use nail polish. No study has shown the contrary so we pt for a cautious approach. It's only for 9 months anyway. Take this as an opportunity to set your nails free, using our serums for a healthy natural result. 

  • Does plant-based nail polish mean that it’s organic?

    Organic nail polish in itself doesn’t exist (or you’re a green-washing victim). Nail polish remains a very technical product that for now can’t be 100% natural or organic.

    However, we’re developing increasingly responsible formulas, using plant-based solvents. Ingredients of natural origin like manioc, wheat, cotton, corn and potatoes.

  • Does 100% natural nail polish exist?

    We can’t totally say goodbye to performance when talking about nail polish. Or. You might end up with a nail polish with a questionable texture (pasty or too liquid) that will chip at the slightest impact. Plasticizes and film-forming agents are essential for a formulation that meets your expectations. These ingredients are safe but they are by no means natural. We pursue our efforts to reach higher levels of naturalness.

    Another option would be to rub you nails with beetroot to get a red manicure, any volunteers?

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