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Our Story

It began in formulas: respectful and efficient. A cosmetic expertise that serves a greater purpose, uncompromising conscious beauty. Colours for all skin tones to match your fashion flair and moods. No babbling or green-washing here, our products really deliver. It all began in 2012 with nailing a big idea: vending machines that sell polishes instead of cereal bars…

Our mantra:
a cleaner nail polish

nailmatic vending machine

Bringing game-changing alternatives is Lilian and Boris’s first motive. « The idea of the century » tweeted fashion icon Inès de la Fressange when she stumbled across our first machine in a department store. Garance Doré, one of the most influential fashion bloggers, was also enthusiastic: “The most awesome thing I’ve ever bought in a vending machine. Paris, you are so lucky.” A clear design that’s been since developed for kids and in a mini format. In these machines, we wouldn’t put any nail polish…

Plant-based nail polishes

Our nail polishes are fashion items with an ambitious formulation. It’s plant-based, using natural origin and renewable ingredients, for a lighter environmental impact, while boasting excellent wear.

nailmatic LAB :
custom nail polish colours

Créer ses couleurs de vernis à ongles, c’est désormais possible avec nailmatic LAB. Un concept inédit à base de pigments liquides et d’une base biosourcée, faciles à doser et à mélanger. On obtient des vernis aussi performants que la gamme PURE color.  Making your own nail polish colours becomes easy and fun with nailmatic LAB. A unique concept based on liquid pigments, plant-based mixing bases and pipettes for measuring. You get nail polishes of excellent wear and shine, just like our PURE color range.

nailmatic Kids :
especially for children

nailmatic Kids nail polishes

Nail polish remains a highly coveted treasure at home? With nailmatic kids onboard, it becomes a safe imitation game. A water-based range, designed for fun, especially formulated for children. An instant success followed by dedicated lip glosses and glitter body gels.

Bath fun just for kids

After nail polishes and glitters, we decided to focus on grooming, to make it rhyme with partying. Because it’s an everyday challenge to teach them how to get clean (parents know better…). So we’ve created bath products with irresistibubble effects that respect children’ sensitive skin: coloring and fizzing bath bombs, crackling bath salts, hair and body shower foam.

Gifts ideas for children

We’re always first to get the party started with gift sets full of surprises. 100% Kids, 100% Fun, packed with care.

Cosmetic revolution:
AQUA nail and DIY Kits

Our obsession is innovation. We are always raising the bar higher—it’s a driving force, a challenge and a way of life. AQUA nail, what a nail-ovation!! A nail polish that doesn’t smell bad. 54% water-based with no petrochemical solvant, this nail polish is available in gorgeous colours and boasts a lighter carbon print (due do its cleaner formulation).

Making their own nail polishes or bath bombs, what a blast! Quality family time as well as a fun introduction to do it yourself. Our DIY kits make it super easy and safe for kids fragile skin.

We’re not the marketing babbling type, we’re far too busy working on new products. Ethics are the center of what we do, it’s based on corporate social responsibility, a global approach that matches our Beauty conscious mantra. To make it all look just how we feel, we brings together talents that make our project even better. Amongst them are our colourist Isabelle, our art director Olivia and our designer/visual artist Camille.

Our Pledge

Discover our pledge : a French brand with Vegan products, sustainable packaging & a Beauty conscious. Innovative concepts that keep a wise mind.

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