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All you ever wqnted to know about us, and things you didn't even think of. Its all here: orders, delivery, tips, awesome! 

  • Simply to annoy you every time it’s at the beginning of a sentence and to check that you are paying attention. Rest assured, we sometimes regret this graphic design decision (and moan about the resultant autocorrect).

  • Absolutely! Write to us through this form and provide as much information about your store as possible (brands sold, concept)

  • ‘Fraid not. You can pay for your order by card or Paypal.

  • Once your order is confirmed, we need around two business days to process and prepare you order. Then, depending on the destination country, the delivery time can vary between 2 to 5 days. For mainland France, it takes 5 days maximum between order confirmation and delivery.

  • Our manicure routine is simple and unchanging:

    1_ File your nails without sawing back and forth. Move the file over the nails, not the other way round.

    2_ Cuticle time (our Precious Oil is recommended here). Rinse hands with warm water or use an oil-removing product to create a clean surface. Greasy nails and nail polish do not make for a great result.

    3_ Apply base coat to protect your nails

    4_ First thin coat of polish (not too much product on the brush) + second thicker coat

    5_ Apply top coat Have a quick break between each coat (less than 5 minutes) and wait another 10 minutes at the end so you don’t spoil all of your hard work!

    Add a new top coat layer a couple of days later to ensure a longer manicure.

  • Pataploof Cleansing Modeling Clay is an innovative product that combines the fun of play with bath time. Made in France with natural ingredients, this clay allows children to shape fun forms before using it as a gentle and effective cleanser.

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