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Our Pledge

Our nail polishes commit us to conscious beauty, so you can treat yourself lighthearted. Innovative concepts that keep a wise mind. Vegan and cruelty free. 95% Made in France, with no compromise on performance. Made in Europe when it comes to our bath range. Packed with love using sustainable material. Driven by civic impetus because we see beyond our colours.


All our products are vegan, they contain no components of animal origin. The only exception is Black serum, which contains caviar extracts, a precious nails ally as it provides essential fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamins. We’ve developed a new formula for our cream remover ON THE GO, by replacing beeswax with carnauba wax (yay, vegan!), just as effective. About cruelty-free: animal testing is banned in Europe so you can polish your nails mind-free.

Made in France

95% made in France, but where?

Our lab: Seine et Marne, Eure et Loire.
Our polish factory: Yvelines (in the Paris region)
Packaging? Oise.
Logistics? Morbihan (Britanny)

Let’s go for details, what’s made in France: all our nail polishes and removers (except the cream one), lip glosses and glitter body gels. When we don’t find the perfect partner in France, we broaden the search to find THE ONE. That’s why our bath range is made in Poland and our cream remover is made in Italy.

Sustainable packaging

We go minimal: ahead of the pack? We try to be ambitious in that field and aim for recyclable or reusable. All our paper and cardboard are FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). They come from forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards. Likewise, we use eco-designed point of sale furniture, which earned us a POS award Popaï). A durable wooden furniture that successfully stands the test of time. More specifically, we work with an ESAT structure for our packaging: a shelter work scheme, part of the French social insurance system for disabled people, giving them the opportunity to work in a tailor environment.

Beauty conscious

With nail polish, we wear our true colours. This little bottle remains a powerful symbol of womanhood. That’s why we support initiatives that are near and dear to us: Against domestic violence with French organization Fondation des femmes. Beast cancer awareness campaigns led by Ruban rose association. We also want anyone to feel welcome here, especially concerning our kids range. Our nail polishes are used by little girls AND boys. Same thing goes for our adult range: we’re proud to see them worn by everybody!