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Pure Glitter Small Sky Blue Glitters

Our small biodegradable sky blue glitters? A waking dream for bright minds conscious of their appearance and the environment. Less plastic, it's fantastic!

Glitters for face, nails, hair, and body.


Pure Glitter
Small Sky Blue Glitters
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    These biodegradable glitters are an ode to responsible beauty, offering an explosion of color without compromising our planet. Let yourself be carried away by the sparkling charm of these eco-friendly glitters that add a magical touch to your beauty routine.

    Whether you're a novice in glitter nail art or looking to elevate your makeup game, our small sky blue glitters are the ultimate accessory. Glide them gracefully onto your nails for a fairy-worthy manicure, or let them take center stage by illuminating your face at festivals with our formula suitable for festival face glitters.

    100% Biodegradable Glitters Made in Europe

    Discover the ethical brilliance of the small sky blue glitters, a true celebration of European quality. Every sparkle of magic you apply is the result of meticulous manufacturing, 100% made in Europe.

    Made with love in Germany, our small glitters captivate with their exceptional quality and vibrant shine. Each particle reflects European craftsmanship, ensuring a unique experience with every use.

    The refinement doesn't stop there. Our glitters are meticulously packaged in France, adding a touch of chic to each pot. It's a perfect fusion of German excellence and French elegance, creating a product that combines charm and sustainability.

    Magical Application of Nailmatic's Small Sky Blue Glitters for Sparkling Nails

    Transform your nails into a work of art with Nailmatic's small sky blue glitters. Follow these simple steps for sublime sparkle without compromise.

    • Prepare the Canvas with Bye Bye Glitter:

    Apply our peel-off base, Bye Bye Glitter, as the first note in your symphony of sparkle. It's the perfect foundation for your glitters to express themselves fully. If you fancy, add a touch of nail polish of your choice for a personalized background.

    • Deposit the Enchantment:

    Use a delicate brush to delightfully deposit the glitters on your nails. Or dip your nails directly into the pot of glitters for a total immersion in sky blue magic. Unleash your creativity and the captivating sparkle of these little wonders.

    • Save the Magic: No waste here! Gently put any surplus glitters back into the pot. After all, every sparkle counts, and you'll want to enjoy these small sky blue gems down to the last particle.
    • Let It Dry, Shine Without Polluting:

    Wait a moment and let it dry. There you go, you shine without polluting! Savor the moment when your nails become a sparkling canvas, with no negative impact on the planet.

    • Easy Makeup Removal, No Worries:

    When the time comes to say goodbye to your sparkling masterpiece, it's as simple as peeling off the Bye Bye Glitter base like a sticker. Easy and hassle-free makeup removal to allow you to move on to the next beauty adventure.

    Sublime Glow on Face and Body with Small Sky Blue Glitters

    Turn your face and body into a sparkling canvas with our small sky blue glitters. Follow these detailed steps for a dazzling yet delicate effect.

    • Prepare the Canvas with an Oily Base:

    Take your time and create a perfect base by applying an oily substance, be it shea butter, almond cream, or even lip balm. This step will ensure optimal adhesion of the glitters and maximum comfort on the glittered area.

    • Apply with Gentleness:

    The secret lies in subtlety. Gently apply the glitters with your finger or tap them with a brush to achieve the desired effect. Unleash your creativity by playing with the intensity and distribution of the glitters.

    • No Powder, Maximum Intensity:

    Avoid using powder, as it could compromise the intensity of the sparkle. Let our small sky blue glitters shine unhindered and captivate all eyes.

    • Remove Gently with Makeup Remover Oil:

    When it's time to reveal your timeless sparkle, preferably use a gentle makeup remover oil. It's the key to removing the glitters smoothly, preserving the beauty of your skin while ending this sparkling adventure.

    • Do Not Use Water for Application:

    Remember, our biodegradable glitters dissolve upon contact with water. So, avoid using water during application to ensure a perfect and long-lasting hold.

    Need inspiration for your glitter nail art?

    Get inspired to create a unique aesthetic by combining our small sky blue glitters with the perfect nail polish color.

    Imagine vibrant nails, radiating with a shade that enhances the magic of sky blue glitters. For a subtle and sophisticated combination, go for a nude or off-white nail polish. These neutral tones will allow the glitters to shine with understated elegance, perfect for refined everyday looks.

    If you crave adventure and your style is bold, why not choose navy blue or even black nail polish? This combination will create a striking contrast, showcasing the sky blue glitters in a dramatic and modern way.

    For a romantic and gentle approach, explore shades of dusty pink or lavender. These delicate hues will bring a feminine touch while harmonizing perfectly with the celestial reflections of the glitters.

    And of course, the classic red. Pair it with the small sky blue glitters for an explosion of vibrant colors and a manicure that won't go unnoticed.

  • Formulation
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    Nailmatic Sky Blue Glitters: Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Sparkle

    Dive into the sparkling universe of Nailmatic's small sky blue glitters, a celebration of eco-conscious beauty. Our commitment to biodegradability is more than a mere detail; it's a statement of principles that shines as brightly as our glitters.

    Certified "OK Biodegradable Water"

    Each glitter is proudly certified "OK Biodegradable Water," ensuring rapid decomposition in natural environments, specifically in freshwater, in just 28 days. A touch of magic with no negative impact on our precious planet.

    Eco-Responsible Composition

    Immerse yourself in an eco-responsible composition, where the magic of glitters intertwines with environmental kindness. Our small sky blue glitters contain:

    • 72% regenerated cellulose, sourced from various wood pulps, for a natural and sustainable touch.
    • 11% plant-derived glycerin, adding a dose of softness to your sparkle.

    And that's not all, as our formula is a true enchantment without compromises:

    • 0% allergens for tranquil use.
    • No trace of antimony or undesirable particles.

    Exceptional Naturalness

    The shade you choose defines the level of naturalness in our formula, reaching up to 91.5% for certain tones, with a minimum of 89%. A perfect harmony between artistic brilliance and respect for nature.


  • Delivery and returns
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    Delivery and returns

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in Europe

    & Free delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in France (home and pick up delivery).

    • Orders placed from Monday to Friday before 9.30 am will be processed on the same day.

    • Orders placed from Monday to Thursday after 9.30 am will be processed on the following day.

    • Orders placed from Friday after 9.30 am to Sunday evening will be processed on the following Monday.

    • Orders placed on French public holidays will be processed on the following working day.
    • Delivery to a Relay pick up location (Colissimo & La Poste)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Home delivery without signature and with tracking (Colissimo)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Express Chronopost
      Delay: D+1 (meaning the following working day)
    • Home delivery with tracking
      4 to 10 working days after shipment

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over.

    nailmatic doesn’t ship outside of Europe.

    Unfortunately, shipment costs to French overseas department and territories are extremely high. Thus, we can't deliver in these areas.

Directions for use

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Directions for use

Frequently asked questions

  • Est-ce que les paillettes Pure Glitter sont biodégradables ?

    Oui, nos paillettes sont biodégradables. Elles sont même hautement biodégradables : prouvé en milieu naturel, norme OWS ISO14851.

    Certifiée « OK Biodegradable Water ».

  • Are biodegradable glitter safe for the skin?

    Yes, PURE GLITTER is dermatologically safe. They are free from allergens, nanoparticles, and antimony (a heavy metal with carcinogenic risks), ensuring safe use for skin health.

  • Can these biodegradable glitters be safely used on the face and body?

    Absolutely. For optimal use, apply a fatty substance (shea butter, almond oil, lip balm) before adding the glitter. However, avoid using the finest glitter on eyelids, as they may dissolve upon contact with water.

  • How to remove nailmatic's biodegradable glitters?

    Removal is easy. For nails, simply peel off the Bye Bye Glitter base like a sticker. For face and body, use a makeup remover, preferably oily, for gentle removal without irritating the skin.

  • From what age can one use nailmatic's biodegradable glitters?

    PURE GLITTER is recommended for use from the age of 12 onwards, ensuring a safe aesthetic experience for teenagers and adults.

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