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Nail Stickers Seventies Nail Stickers

Display your good peace & love vibes all the way to your fingertips with our nail stickers inspired by the 70s. A collection of 55 nail stickers with a hippie spirit: rainbow, flower power, retro nostalgia, vinyl records, lava lamp, and other stickers in vibrant colors! Easy to apply and remove for a personalized look.


Nail Stickers
Seventies Nail Stickers
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    70s Nail Stickers: Twist Your Style with Radiance

    Do you dream of a journey back in time to the iconic era of the 70s, where music resonated with the vibrations of peace and love? The 70s nail stickers are your ticket to an explosion of retro colors and iconic patterns. These sheets of nail stickers are the perfect way to adorn your nails with a joyfully vintage look.

    Nail Stickers with Retro-Chic Designs

    Iconic motifs of the 70s, such as the peace&love symbol, colorful flowers, lava lamps, and rainbows, come to life with radiance on these nail stickers. Each sheet of 55 stickers is an invitation to creativity, allowing you to customize your nails with a retro-chic touch.

    Suitable for All, Young and Old

    Whether you're a trendy teenager or a nostalgic spirit of any age, these nail stickers are designed for everyone. Universal designs and vibrant colors make them perfect for brightening up everyone's daily life.

    Easy to Apply, Impossible to Ignore

    Nail stickers are not only a feast for the eyes but also child's play to apply. Their durable adherence ensures long-lasting wear, adding a vintage touch to your look without the hassle.

    Perfect for Teens

    Teens looking for a bold style statement will find joy in these 70s nail stickers. Express your individuality and create unique looks that reflect your vibrant personality.

    Easy Usage Tips for 70s Nail Stickers

    Transform your manicure routine with a retro touch using 70s Nail Stickers. Follow these simple tips for a hassle-free application and radiant beauty:

    1. Preparation

    Before diving into the colorful world of the 70s, ensure your nails are clean and dry. Remove any existing nail polish residue to provide your stickers with a perfect canvas.

    2. Gentle Application

    Carefully peel the stickers off the transparent sheet, making sure not to fold or crease the designs. Choose your favorite pattern and apply it to the nail, gently pressing for optimal adherence.

    3. Magical Customization

    Unleash your creativity! These stickers can be used alone or paired with your favorite nail polish for an extra dose of magic. Experiment with different color combinations for a unique look.

    4. Easy Removal

    When you want to change your style or remove the stickers, it's a breeze. Simply peel them off the nail without the need for special products. A quick and effortless change of look.

    5. Limitless Magic

    These versatile stickers can be used with or without nail polish. Let your imagination run wild by combining both for even more dazzling results.

    Made in South Korea.

    Illuminate Your Nails with Style: Creative Manicures with 70s Stickers

    1. Sunset Groove Manicure

    Celebrate the sunset with a vibrant manicure inspired by the 70s. Follow these simple steps for an explosion of colors:

    1. Apply a transparent base to protect your nails.
    2. Add two layers of coral nail polish to create a warm canvas.
    3. Select nail stickers with colorful flower motifs and peace&love symbols.
    4. Apply them gently for an artistic arrangement.
    5. Finish with a transparent top coat for a radiant finish.

    2. Cosmic Dream Manicure

    Dive into the cosmic universe with a galactic manicure that combines space shades and psychedelic 70s patterns:

    1. Start with a protective base on your nails.
    2. Apply two layers of black nail polish to create a stellar canvas.
    3. Choose nail stickers with rainbow and lava lamp motifs.
    4. Place them randomly for a cosmic touch.
    5. Finish with a top coat to protect your manicure.

    3. Tropical Funk Manicure

    Bring a tropical touch to your nails with a manicure that evokes the summer heat and exotic vibes of the 70s:

    1. Protect your nails with a transparent base.
    2. Opt for two layers of emerald green nail polish to evoke tropical lushness.
    3. Select nail stickers with palm leaf and exotic bird motifs.
    4. Arrange them to create a tropical landscape on your nails.
    5. Seal the deal with a transparent top coat for lasting brilliance.
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Directions for use

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Directions for use
Step 1: Apply the water-based nail polish.

Wake up the nail polish by shaking the bottle.

Apply one or two coats.

Tell them to wiggle their fingers around to dry. Doesn't help actually but keeps them busy!

Step 2: Cute nail stickers.

How does it work? SUPER EASY: Just stick one sticker on each nail to immerse yourself in the universe of your choice.

Step 3: Water, soap, and voilà, they vanish!

It's not magic, but almost... Just wash your hands with soap and water, and the nail polish disappears!

As for the nail stickers, like Mathéo, 5 years old, gently rub them, and they come off easily.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are the Nail Stickers easy to apply?

    Absolutely! These stickers are designed for easy application. Simply peel them from the transparent sheet and apply them to clean, dry nails. Press gently for optimal adhesion, and you're ready to flaunt your retro-chic look.

  • Can I use the Nail Stickers with nail polish?

    Certainly! The Nail Stickers are versatile and can be used with or without nail polish. For a burst of colors, apply a clear nail polish base, add two coats of your favorite color, place the stickers, and seal the look with a clear top coat.

  • Are the nail stickers suitable for children?

    Yes, the stickers are suitable for all ages, including teenagers.

  • How do I remove the nail stickers?

    Simply peel off the stickers from the nail without the need for any special products.

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