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Nail Stickers Rock Nail Stickers

Vibrate to the sound of rock all the way to your fingertips with our nail stickers! Extremely easy to apply before heading to a concert or festival, they allow you to twist your look in just a few seconds, stopwatch guaranteed.

Guitar, microphone, wild skull heads, punk, sunglasses, pink, star, drumsticks, or lightning bolt... A total of 55 nail stickers for a completely unique look!


Nail Stickers
Rock Nail Stickers
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    Rockstar Nail Stickers for an Explosive Look 🎸🤘

    Embrace your rebellious side with our new rock-themed nail stickers, an explosion of style for music enthusiasts and bold souls. The nailmatic range introduces sticker sheets designed to amp up your look, instantly transporting you to the stage of a fiery concert.

    Electrifying Design for an Unforgettable Style 🌟

    Picture roaring electric guitars, microphones ready to capture the power of your creativity, colorful lightning evoking the raw energy of music, and delightfully crazy skull heads. Our nail stickers are the key to feeling like a true rockstar with every movement of your hands.

    Perfect for All Budding Rockers 🎸🤟

    These nail stickers are designed to suit everyone, from the little ones to the grown-ups. They are especially tailored for teens looking to express their individuality and passion for music through their unique style.

    Product Features 🎵 :

    • 55 stickers per sheet
    • Diverse designs: electric guitars, microphones, colorful lightning, skull heads
    • Suitable for all types of nails
    • Easy and quick application

    Add a touch of rock'n'roll to your beauty routine with these nail stickers. Whether you're on stage or just having fun with friends, these stickers will bring out your rockstar side anytime.

    Experience boldness and energy with Nailmatic nail stickers - because your style deserves to be as unique as your music.

    Usage Tips for Rock Nail Stickers:

    Transform your nails into a rock art masterpiece with our nail stickers. Application is ultra-easy, and in no time, you'll have nails worthy of a true rockstar!

    • 🤲 Easy Preparation: Carefully peel the stickers off the transparent sheet. Ensure your nails are clean and dry for optimal adherence.
    • 🎸 Express Application: Apply the stickers to your nails with caution. Play with the designs and create your own unique rock style in an instant.
    • 👉 Effortless Removal: When you want to change your look, simply peel off the stickers without hassle. No need for special products or complex techniques.
    • 💅 Creative Freedom: Use the nail stickers with or without polish for even more magic. Express your creativity and personalize your style according to your mood and boldness.

    Whether you're a nail art novice or an experienced enthusiast, our nail stickers are designed for easy use, allowing you to create unique looks without hassle.

    Made in South Korea

    Rock & Glitter Manicure

    1. Nail Preparation:

      Start by preparing your nails, smoothing them and applying a protective nail base.
      Choose your base polish color from the available shades, for example, a deep black for a bold base.
    2. Application of Nail Stickers:

      Select stickers that match your rock mood. Electric guitars, colorful lightning bolts, skull heads - mix and match for a variety of designs.
      Carefully apply the stickers to each nail, varying the patterns for a dynamic look.
    3. Application of Loose Glitter:

      Choose a shade of biodegradable glitter, such as silver or gold, and apply it to the tip of the nail to create an elegant glitter gradient.
      You can also add touches of sky blue, turquoise, dark pink, and light pink glitter for a pop of color.
    4. Finish with a Protective Top Coat:

      Seal your creation with a transparent top coat to ensure the longevity and brilliance of your rock and glamorous manicure.

    This combination of stickers, black polish, and biodegradable glitter offers a unique manicure that reflects your rebellious side while adding a sparkling touch. Feel free to customize the details according to your preferences for a manicure that truly represents you!

    Unleash Your Rock Creativity with Unique Manicures and Tattoos!

    Explore the rock universe from head to nails with our vibrant stickers and coloring tattoo sheets accompanied by sky blue and black temporary markers. Here are bold ideas to create a complete rock'n'roll look:

    Rockstar Manicure with Nail Stickers:

    • Choose various stickers, such as electric guitars, colorful lightning bolts, and quirky skull heads.
    • Apply the stickers to different nails to create a dynamic manicure.
    • Seal the deal with a transparent top coat for a durable and shiny finish.
    • Use sky blue and black markers to add additional details on your hands, such as lightning bolts or stars, coordinating your manicure with your temporary tattoos.

    Need inspiration? Explore our sets of temporary tattoo markers and our coloring tattoo sheets to achieve a Rock look.

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    Delivery and returns

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in Europe

    & Free delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in France (home and pick up delivery).

    • Orders placed from Monday to Friday before 9.30 am will be processed on the same day.

    • Orders placed from Monday to Thursday after 9.30 am will be processed on the following day.

    • Orders placed from Friday after 9.30 am to Sunday evening will be processed on the following Monday.

    • Orders placed on French public holidays will be processed on the following working day.
    • Delivery to a Relay pick up location (Colissimo & La Poste)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Home delivery without signature and with tracking (Colissimo)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Express Chronopost
      Delay: D+1 (meaning the following working day)
    • Home delivery with tracking
      4 to 10 working days after shipment

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over.

    nailmatic doesn’t ship outside of Europe.

    Unfortunately, shipment costs to French overseas department and territories are extremely high. Thus, we can't deliver in these areas.

Directions for use

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Directions for use
Step 1: Apply the water-based nail polish.

Wake up the nail polish by shaking the bottle.

Apply one or two coats.

Tell them to wiggle their fingers around to dry. Doesn't help actually but keeps them busy!

Step 2: Cute nail stickers.

How does it work? SUPER EASY: Just stick one sticker on each nail to immerse yourself in the universe of your choice.

Step 3: Water, soap, and voilà, they vanish!

It's not magic, but almost... Just wash your hands with soap and water, and the nail polish disappears!

As for the nail stickers, like Mathéo, 5 years old, gently rub them, and they come off easily.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are the Nail Stickers easy to apply?

    Absolutely! These stickers are designed for easy application. Simply peel them from the transparent sheet and apply them to clean, dry nails. Press gently for optimal adhesion, and you're ready to flaunt your retro-chic look.

  • Can I use the Nail Stickers with nail polish?

    Certainly! The Nail Stickers are versatile and can be used with or without nail polish. For a burst of colors, apply a clear nail polish base, add two coats of your favorite color, place the stickers, and seal the look with a clear top coat.

  • Are the nail stickers suitable for children?

    Yes, the stickers are suitable for all ages, including teenagers.

  • How do I remove the nail stickers?

    Simply peel off the stickers from the nail without the need for any special products.

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