Because kids always want to copy the grown-ups, especially when it comes to fashion, nailmatic has invented the ideal way to play dress up. Like mother, like daughter? Absolutely!
With super gentle formulas, colouring-book packaging and bright colours, nailmatic has turned make-up into child’s play!

  • Kids Polish


    A gentle, water-based product that is 100% safe, 100% made in France and 100% fun! Guaranteed to be free from phthalates, formaldeyhyde, toluene and fragrance. Dermatologically tested. Forget about nail polish remover—this nail polish comes off with soap and warm water, or directly in the bath!

    With glitter on top?

  • Rollette Lip Gloss


    The nailmatic lab worked for months to invent a colourless lip gloss. Made from apricot kernel oil, Rollette is a tasty treatment available in ten different flavours: cherry, strawberry, peach, coconut, pineapple, banana, apple, raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant… Is it tea time already?

    Shine on!

  • Kids Sets


    So pretty it’s impossible to choose. So don't! Thanks to our prettily packaged sets, they can try out a rainbow coloured manicure and our fruity lip gloss.

    She wants them all!

  • Party


    In addition to making your life easier, nailmatic also makes parties easier! The nailmaTeam has designed surprise packs and birthday kits with one sole aim: making kids ecstatic!#happyface #megaLOL

    Party this way!


nailmatic insists on having real, close links with all of its suppliers and is based on 100% French savoir-faire.


Just as pretty outside as in, nailmatic has created a design especially for kids: each bottle represents a different character #mascot!

Made in France, our packaging is the fruit of intense co-design sessions with OMY Design & Play, a graphic design studio specialising in creating colouring-in treasures.

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