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Pure Glitter Small Purple Glitters

Illuminate your life with a mystical glow: biodegradable small purple glitters to shine from head to toe carefree! Easy application on the face, nails, hair, and body.


Pure Glitter
Small Purple Glitters
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    Illuminate your life with a mystical glow: biodegradable small purple glitters for shining from head to toe carefree! Easy application on the face, nails, hair, and body.

    Enthusiasts of the cosmetic universe will appreciate the versatility of these face and body glitters. Whether you aim to accentuate your features for a special event or add a radiant touch to your daily routine, these small purple glitters will be your ideal ally.

    With their perfect size, these face glitters suit all occasions. Transform into a sparkling goddess for a festival or add subtle brilliance to your everyday makeup. Unleash your creativity, whether on your nails, face, or body.

    Don't wait any longer to incorporate these body glitters into your beauty routine. Easy to apply and remove, they allow you to play with your look effortlessly. Add a touch of glamour to your everyday or create unique looks for special moments with these small purple glitters.

    Application of Small Purple Glitters on Nails

    Adopt our simple and effective ritual to enhance your nails with our small purple glitters from the Pure Glitter range. Follow these steps for a dazzling result without compromise:

    1. Apply Bye Bye Glitter: Start with our peel-off base, Bye Bye Glitter. An easy application to facilitate later removal.
    2. Choose your nail polish: If you feel like it, apply a polish of your choice after the base. Let your creativity run wild without limits.
    3. Deposit the glitters: Use a brush to gently deposit small purple glitters on your nails, or dip your nail directly into the glitter pot. Let yourself be carried away by the sparkling magic.
    4. Put back the excess: Don't waste these little wonders! Gently put back the excess glitter into the pot. Every sparkle counts.
    5. Let it dry: There you go, it's done! Let it dry, and admire the result. You shine without compromising the environment. Responsible radiance.
    6. Apply a top coat: To set the purple glitters and ensure optimal durability, apply a top coat. Your manicure is now ready to conquer the world.
    7. Easy removal: When you want to change your style, simply remove the Bye Bye Glitter base like a sticker. Effortless removal for a new palette of expressions.

    Application on Face and Body with Our Small Purple Glitters

    Applying our small purple glitters on the face and body is a breeze with our simple and fun method. Follow these steps to achieve a gorgeous effortless glow:

    1. Prepare the base: Take the time to prepare your skin by applying a greasy substance such as shea butter, almond balm, or lip balm to the glittering area. This will create the perfect canvas for the glitters to adhere smoothly.
    2. Deposit gently: Use your fingers or tap with a brush to gently deposit the biodegradable glitters. Go for small touches to achieve the desired effect. Unleash your creativity.
    3. Avoid powder foundation: To preserve the intensity of the glitters, avoid using powder foundation. Let the natural sparkle of the glitters shine without compromise.
    4. Remove gently: When you want to return to your natural skin, opt for a gentle cleansing oil. This will remove the glitters without aggressing your skin.

    An important tip: our biodegradable glitters dissolve upon contact with water, so do not use water to apply them. This ensures an experience as enjoyable as it is environmentally friendly.

    Explore Radiance with Small Purple Glitters: Manicure Inspiration

    Create dazzling manicures by pairing our small purple glitters with a diverse range of nail polishes. Get inspired by these suggestions to highlight these sparkling jewels:

    • Passionate Red Glitter Manicure: Pair our purple glitters with a deep red polish for a glamorous and bold look. The combination of the passion of red and the mysterious sparkle creates a striking appearance.
    • Tender Rose Glitter Manicure: Opt for a soft pink polish for a delicate and romantic manicure. Pastel shades combined with our glitters add a touch of subtle femininity to your look.
    • Emerald Green Sparkle Manicure: For a sophisticated ambiance, marry our purple glitters with an emerald green polish. This bold combination highlights the glitter's radiance and creates a captivating look.
    • Pastel Lilac Softness Glitter Manicure: For a gentle and refined aesthetic, pair our glitters with a pastel lilac polish. This harmony of tones creates an elegant and subtle manicure.
    • Vibrant Coral Glitter Manicure: For a summery and sunny touch, combine our purple glitters with a bright coral polish. This combination brings vibrant energy to your manicure.

    Experiment with these color suggestions to create unique looks that reflect your personal style. Whether you choose the boldness of red, the delicacy of pink, or the radiance of emerald green, our purple glitters adapt elegantly to all occasions.

    Have fun exploring the infinite universe of nail art with Pure Glitter!

    Our Glitters 100% Made in Europe

    We are proud to present our small purple glitters, a captivating radiance entirely designed in Europe.

    These glitters are proudly manufactured in Germany, where artisanal expertise meets modern innovation. Each sparkling glint bears the mark of precision and commitment from our German suppliers.

    Furthermore, our glitters are carefully packaged in France, adding a French touch to each pot. The packaging in France ensures the quality of the final product while adhering to the strictest European standards.

  • Formulation
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    Ethical and Eco-Friendly Purple Glitters

    Discover our little wonders from the Pure Glitter range, the small purple glitters that make a sensation. But that's not all! Dive into a world of ethical beauty with our biodegradable glitters, certified "OK biodegradable water." They degrade rapidly in natural environments (freshwater) in just 28 days, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

    An Eco-Friendly Composition

    We emphasize an eco-friendly formula that combines radiance and respect for the planet. Our glitters are composed of 72% regenerated cellulose, sourced from various wood pulps, and 11% glycerin, derived from plants. A perfect marriage between glamorous sparkle and environmental commitment.

    By choosing our glitters, you opt for a no-compromise experience. Our formula completely excludes allergens, antimony, and undesirable particles, ensuring safe and enjoyable use.

    Moreover, the naturalness of our formula reaches an impressive rate of 91.5%, slightly varying depending on the chosen shade but never below 89%. You can shine brightly while respecting your skin and our beautiful planet.


  • Delivery and returns
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    Delivery and returns

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in Europe

    & Free delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in France (home and pick up delivery).

    • Orders placed from Monday to Friday before 9.30 am will be processed on the same day.

    • Orders placed from Monday to Thursday after 9.30 am will be processed on the following day.

    • Orders placed from Friday after 9.30 am to Sunday evening will be processed on the following Monday.

    • Orders placed on French public holidays will be processed on the following working day.
    • Delivery to a Relay pick up location (Colissimo & La Poste)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Home delivery without signature and with tracking (Colissimo)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Express Chronopost
      Delay: D+1 (meaning the following working day)
    • Home delivery with tracking
      4 to 10 working days after shipment

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over.

    nailmatic doesn’t ship outside of Europe.

    Unfortunately, shipment costs to French overseas department and territories are extremely high. Thus, we can't deliver in these areas.

Directions for use

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Directions for use

Frequently asked questions

  • Est-ce que les paillettes Pure Glitter sont biodégradables ?

    Oui, nos paillettes sont biodégradables. Elles sont même hautement biodégradables : prouvé en milieu naturel, norme OWS ISO14851.

    Certifiée « OK Biodegradable Water ».

  • Are biodegradable glitter safe for the skin?

    Yes, PURE GLITTER is dermatologically safe. They are free from allergens, nanoparticles, and antimony (a heavy metal with carcinogenic risks), ensuring safe use for skin health.

  • Can these biodegradable glitters be safely used on the face and body?

    Absolutely. For optimal use, apply a fatty substance (shea butter, almond oil, lip balm) before adding the glitter. However, avoid using the finest glitter on eyelids, as they may dissolve upon contact with water.

  • How to remove nailmatic's biodegradable glitters?

    Removal is easy. For nails, simply peel off the Bye Bye Glitter base like a sticker. For face and body, use a makeup remover, preferably oily, for gentle removal without irritating the skin.

  • From what age can one use nailmatic's biodegradable glitters?

    PURE GLITTER is recommended for use from the age of 12 onwards, ensuring a safe aesthetic experience for teenagers and adults.

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