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Pure Glitter Pure Glitter Orange Medium

Embrace your new status: star of the end-of-year celebrations, festival dashing diva!

Our orange glitters with copper tones give a warm glow to your makeup.

A biodegradable formula, gentle on the skin and the planet.


Pure Glitter
Pure Glitter Orange Medium
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  • Details
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    Biodegradable medium size orange loose glitter.
    Colorful and opaque mirror effect to add a festive touch to your face, body, nail and hair. Turn heads wherever you go!
    Gentle touch: softer than classic glitter, up to 40% according to 95% of people tested.

    Biodegradable glitter, a giant step towards more conscious parties.
    They degrade in a natural environment (fresh water) in less than a month, compared to hundreds of years for classic glitter full of plastic.
    Certified “OK biodegradable water”.

    Guilt-free composition
     72% cellulose generated
    - 11% glycerin (derived from plants)
    0% allergens, antimony or particles.
    An eco-responsible formula focused on nature: up to 91.5% of natural (or natural origin) ingredients.

    A brilliant alternative to classic glitter. Let yourself shine from head to toe: face, nails, hair and body.

    Spice up your face and body makeup with glitters:

    1/ Define your makeup work area: apply an oily substance (shea balm, almond balm, lip balm, etc.)
    2/ Choose your glitter move: with your finger or with a brush (by tapping)
    3/ To easily remove glitter, use an oily remover or cleanser

    Glitter manicure: how to apply

    1/ Essential: apply our peel off base, Bye Bye Glitter
    2/ Apply a coat of nail polish (optional)
    3/ Apply glitter using a brush or dip your nails directly into the pot.
    4/ Let it dry: you’re ready for a guilt-free festival or night out!
    5/ To remove, just peel off the Bye Bye Glitter base, like a sticker.

    Orange glitter 100% made in Europe
    Made in Germany, packaged in France.

  • Formulation
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    Key ingredient: regenerated cellulose, sustainable and biodegradable.
    It comes from different wood pulps (beech, white pine or bamboo). An eco-responsible raw material that makes all the difference for your glitter!

    0% nanoparticles and antimony
    Nanoparticles are nano-objects (invisible to the naked eye) presenting risks to health (if ingested or inhaled) and to the environment. Antimony is a heavy metal used in low-end pigments and dyes: to be absolutely avoided as it is potentially carcinogenic.


  • Delivery and returns
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    Delivery and returns

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in Europe

    & Free delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over in France (home and pick up delivery).

    • Orders placed from Monday to Friday before 9.30 am will be processed on the same day.

    • Orders placed from Monday to Thursday after 9.30 am will be processed on the following day.

    • Orders placed from Friday after 9.30 am to Sunday evening will be processed on the following Monday.

    • Orders placed on French public holidays will be processed on the following working day.
    • Delivery to a Relay pick up location (Colissimo & La Poste)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Home delivery without signature and with tracking (Colissimo)
      Delay: 2 working days after dispatch

    • Express Chronopost
      Delay: D+1 (meaning the following working day)
    • Home delivery with tracking
      4 to 10 working days after shipment

    FREE delivery for orders totalling 90€ and over.

    nailmatic doesn’t ship outside of Europe.

    Unfortunately, shipment costs to French overseas department and territories are extremely high. Thus, we can't deliver in these areas.

Directions for use

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Directions for use

Frequently asked questions

  • Est-ce que les paillettes Pure Glitter sont biodégradables ?

    Oui, nos paillettes sont biodégradables. Elles sont même hautement biodégradables : prouvé en milieu naturel, norme OWS ISO14851.

    Certifiée « OK Biodegradable Water ».

  • Are biodegradable glitter safe for the skin?

    Yes, PURE GLITTER is dermatologically safe. They are free from allergens, nanoparticles, and antimony (a heavy metal with carcinogenic risks), ensuring safe use for skin health.

  • Can these biodegradable glitters be safely used on the face and body?

    Absolutely. For optimal use, apply a fatty substance (shea butter, almond oil, lip balm) before adding the glitter. However, avoid using the finest glitter on eyelids, as they may dissolve upon contact with water.

  • How to remove nailmatic's biodegradable glitters?

    Removal is easy. For nails, simply peel off the Bye Bye Glitter base like a sticker. For face and body, use a makeup remover, preferably oily, for gentle removal without irritating the skin.

  • From what age can one use nailmatic's biodegradable glitters?

    PURE GLITTER is recommended for use from the age of 12 onwards, ensuring a safe aesthetic experience for teenagers and adults.

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