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Temporary felt pen Dark Blue Temporary Tattoo Felt Pen

Composed of 60% water, this dark blue temporary tattoo marker is gentle on sensitive skin. A shade reminiscent of the depths of the night and the marine worlds. Tattoopen dries in a flash and does not smudge on the skin. Easy to use and so much fun! Carefully made in Italy.


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Temporary felt pen
Dark Blue Temporary Tattoo Felt Pen
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  • Details
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    Unleash Your Artistic Talents with the Dark Blue Temporary Tattoo Marker

    Transform every moment into a temporary canvas with the Dark Blue Temporary Tattoo Marker from the Tattoopen range. Designed for all ages, this temporary tattoo pen offers a playful and safe experience to express your artistic creativity. The soft brush tip allows for drawing fine or bold lines, adapting to all artistic inspirations.

    🎨 Easy to Use:

    The ergonomic design of the marker ensures precise application, ideal for creating detailed designs.

    💦 Water-Erasable:

    Enjoy the freedom to create, erase, and start anew without residues or skin irritations.

    👶 For All Ages:

    Whether young or young at heart, this dark blue temporary tattoo marker adds a touch of mystery to every generation.

    This innovative product offers a fun alternative to permanent tattoos, allowing you to test different designs without long-term commitment. Whether for a special event, an artistic occasion, or just to express your daily style, our Dark Blue Temporary Tattoo Marker Tattoopen provides an endless palette to unleash your artistic creativity.

    Tattoopen Concept with a Vibrant Color Palette:

    With a diverse palette, including dark blue, purple, green, white, red, sky blue, black, yellow, and pink, Tattoopen offers a fun and playful artistic experience for all temporary makeup enthusiasts.

    Each marker is designed with a soft brush tip for precise application. Add a touch of magic to every occasion, explore different themes, and express your individuality with Tattoopen.

    A concept where ephemeral art becomes second nature, stimulating imagination through an infinite variety of creative possibilities.

    For Adventure-Seekers Lacking Inspiration:

    If you find yourself lacking creative ideas, the Tattoo Artist Coloring Tattoo Boards are here to stimulate your imagination. Explore fascinating worlds ranging from mystical to playful, with themes such as Magic World, Monsters, Galaxy, Animals, Dinosaurs, Kawaii, Rock, and the '70s.

    These boards offer a variety of ready-to-customize patterns. Whether you prefer fantastical creatures, celestial constellations, or rock icons, each board becomes a blank canvas for your artistic expression.

    Unleash your creativity using Tattoopen markers to bring these patterns to life, creating unique temporary tattoos that reflect your style and personality. Turn boredom into an artistic adventure with the Tattoo Artist Coloring Tattoo Boards.

    Makeup Ideas with the Dark Blue Temporary Tattoo Marker Tattoopen

    Discover our makeup ideas that offer a variety of options to express creativity at every age group, whether for a party, a special event, or just for fun with the Dark Blue Temporary Tattoo Marker Tattoopen.

    • Children's Makeup: Cute Cat Face

    1. Draw delicate whiskers on the cheeks.
    2. Add a heart-shaped nose to the center of the face.
    3. Create small ears on the sides of the forehead.
    4. Enhance the design by adding dots around the eyes.
    • Children's Makeup: Aquatic Superhero

    1. Draw waves along the cheeks.
    2. Add starfish on the forehead.
    3. Create a fish nose in the center of the face.
    4. Use wavy lines for a fun aquatic look.
    • Teen Makeup: Galactic Universe

    1. Create a galactic makeup with stars, planets, and cosmic lines.
    2. Use dark blue as a base to create a stellar background.
    3. Add accents with other Tattoopen marker colors for a cosmic dimension.
    • Teen Makeup: Artistic Symbols

    1. Experiment with abstract artistic symbols on the face.
    2. Use dark blue to create artistic lines and geometric patterns.
    3. Add pops of bright colors for a modern artistic effect.
    • For Adults: Artistic Floral Makeup

    1. Draw elegant floral motifs on the neckline and arms.
    2. Use the soft brush tip for fine and precise details.
    3. Layer dark blue with other colors to create a unique floral masterpiece.
    • Adult Makeup: Mystical Look

    1. Create a mystical makeup with nature-inspired designs.
    2. Use dark blue to represent the starry night.
    3. Add elements such as moons, stars, and mystical motifs.
  • Formulation
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    The carefully crafted composition of the Tattoopen Temporary Tattoo Marker ensures a safe and high-quality makeup experience.

    The main ingredients include water (AQUA), butylene glycol for product consistency, and polyester-5 for smooth application.

    1,2-hexanediol and sodium polyaspartate act as stabilizing agents, ensuring an optimal lifespan for the marker.

    Preserving agents such as caprylyl glycol and ethylhexylglycerin maintain the product's freshness.

    Other components, such as alumina and glycerin, contribute to the texture and adherence. Colored pigments, like CI 77510 (Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide) and CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), create the distinctive hue of the marker.

    This well-balanced combination of ingredients offers a safe and pleasant temporary makeup formula, adhering to nailmatic's high-quality standards.




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Directions for use

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Directions for use
Practice !

Trace 3 thicker lines by tilting the felt tip to the side slightly.

Practice !

Curvy time: draw a line like a snake.

Practice !

Draw thin crosses and wide crosses, by varying the pressure.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe to use TATTOOPEN on the face?

    Go for it! You can draw on all faces of adults and children. Our 60% water-based formula allows a gentle removal, with only soap and water. Dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested. 

  • I’d love to try but I don’t know what to draw…

    We’ve got you covered. To complement the temporary felt pens, you can get three TATTOOPEN kits that explore drawing territories: art, tribal and planet. It’s gonna rain ideas, that’s for sure!

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