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How long have you been a nail artist

It’s been five years and I’ve become a professional for almost 3 years. At the time I was studying for a master’s degree in philosophy, I was constantly stressed out. Applying nail polish brought me so much joy and peace! It also requires concentration and thoroughness, which match completely with who I am: a misunderstood perfectionist.

What’s a good nail artist to you? Any advice for absolute beginners

Someone who is passionate and a perfectionist. Someone who won’t be afraid to start over and over to get the desired result. My advice would be: carry on. We all want to be geniuses and do well immediately, but practice makes perfect!

How did you discover nailmatic 

I was with a friend who had a gift card to buy nail polishes in a vending machine at the Citadium store. So intriguing! It was so cool to have such a colourful display and to be able to make your choice that way.

If you were a colour you’d be…

Green! Mint green, water green, lime green, olive green, green green green! 

If you had to keep only one nail polish for the rest of your life (we all know it’s impossible), which one would it be

Tricky question! It would be a green or a blue… Charlie from Nailmatic is probably my favorite blue. That question was so hard. (we know!)

Now the real tricky question: how many nail polishes do you own

Wildcard? 2705 as of today (more  to come this month…) 
This interview was done in 2018 so we guess she has more nail polishes now ;)

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