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A garden party coming up? Your BFF is about to get a ring on it? Your eyes start watering already…  


Wedding = big dilemma

This moment is about sharing and celebrating but for some, it turns into great stress: choice of outfit, shoes, hairstyle… Everything must be on fleek.

The ultimate wedding dilemma? Be on top without overdoing it: don’t even think of to steal the show from the star of the day: the bride (your lifelong friend, remember !?!)!

So what are you gonna do? No, you don't leave Bae (YOU) in a corner (hello Dirty Dancing!). Just replace the over the top flashy mani for a well framed sobriety, in accordance with your outfit. You will look stunning yet elegant.


Avoid: Bright red and French manicure 

The nailmatic Team isn’t fond of French manicure, sorry… This is a trend has just aged badly. At best it looks cheesy, at worst vulgar. (Sorry not sorry!)

Red is a different story. It’s a timeless classic. That being said, for a wedding, we do not recommend the femme fatale or coup d’état look. Please leave this triumphant color to the Queen of the day if she wishes to wear it. Rest assured, we have plenty of alternatives to offer you ...



Special week-end: special nail polish!  


Try out our AQUA nail formula with our new Base & Top. Play it romantic right down to your fingertips with Nana (pinkish beige), Gaia (pink hazelnut) or Rosemay (intense rosewood), not to mention Hazel, a pearly gray with a very wonderful finish!!

Freshness is also in order for the wedding: Aoko (sky blue) or Lee (pastel green) will do the job nicely.



Your loyalty lies with PURE color? Try out our special wedding 


What do you expect from your nail polish in these particular circumstances? Chic and lightness! Bet on pink and powdery peach with Billie (soft pink), Diana (pinkish beige) or Imani (pinky hazelnut).

You dream about it? Gently play with the contrasts (especially if you are well tanned) with pastel colours like Eva (pastel coral) or Jeanne (pinkish white)


Why wouldn’t you create the perfect nail polish for the Big day? 


The bachelorette party provides the opportunity to share the most beautiful memories! nailmatic LAB offers complete DIY kits (with ingredients, tools and recipes) to create your own nail polish colors. A moment made to be shared with girlfriends to find the ideal color for the wedding.

The quality is on point, as always! They are plant-based, 10-free and vegan like all the nail polish from the PURE color range.

Queen for a day? Totally, especially if you have your own custom made nail polish! 

You can order your own DIY kits on our website and imagine your own polishes with the Pink and Pastel kits for a wonderful moment! 



One last tip? On D-Day, plan a first aid beauty kit with the nail polish you’re wearing, cotton pads and a nailmatic Lavender remover. As it smells good, you will be able to deal with manicure emergencies without getting noticed. No fuss, no stress :)

Crédits photo : nailmatic & Ben White (Unsplash)

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