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A summer look without nail polish, it’s like… like what by the way?

 Like party without music 

 Like a notebook without a pen 

 Like team without dream 

 Like Kim without Kanye (haha) 

We don’t want that, do we? 

The nailmaTeam picked trendy summer looks ready to wear with our PURE color nail polishes. Let’s start with our red range. This classic colour is all about confidence and boldness. Wearing it feels just like having a friendly shield that helps you grab life with both hands. As long as you avoid pinks and oranges, you can basically try it with anything in your wardrobe. 

Are you REDddddy


 ELLA – sun bath!

Our nail polish Ella looks fab during summertime. Its sun-filled coral red colour sets off a tan perfectly! Wear this nail polish with yellow shorts for a beach stroll and the waves will freeze just to get a better look. 

Bolder is better: go tone on tone and wear Ella with a red top. 

And to give this sunny look a smooth balance, complete it with chic jewels (choose camel, chestnut, black and/or white colors). You’re good to go (and shine)!

 HEDI – coral and sun   

Woman touch to your casual style. You can also team is with your everyday jeans&tee combo. Another best bet: match this outfit with layered necklaces and/or golden bracelets. Go creative, donc over-think the process, just toss them on!

  AMOUR – love is in the air 

Time to smarten up classic prints – florals, stripes, leopard with a touch of intense red: this little polka dot red dress is also a clever choice. With our nail polish Amour on, the result will be sunny yet easy-lazy, perfect for a beach stroll or a first date. Awesome news: with its subtle shimmer, this powerful tint match all skin tones. For added wow effet, you can match your toes and fingertips!  

 DITA - pure color 

If case you’ve been hiding for the last few months… Floral print is a summer must-wear: flower power rules! Wear it with jeans and our pure red nail polish Dita, and the good girl will go gorgeously bad. Vamp up your everyday look and tease effortlessly. For a final classy touch, wear multiple rings, go out and have fun!


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