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The closer we get, the more we wonder… Are you looking for a fun, creative and cheerful idea? That's our specialty, how convenient!

For budding chemists: DIY kit

In addition to being great fun, do it yourself stimulates their creativity and curiosity. And making their own gift is so much cooler! An ideal move to give them an unforgettable Christmas!

For colour fans: a custom box set

We welcome children in a world full of magic, pearls and glitter! With our kids' custom box sets, you can choose their favorite colors.

100% happiness on D-Day!

For creative minds: TattooPen

Our Tattoopen sets combine thirst for discovery with love of drawing. In addition to the temporary tattoo felt pens, they get an activity book with ideas, games and dares. All in all, TattooPen is a true party king: try it out with your family or friends as soon as you open the presents!

View the product Soap Maker 3 shapes
Soap Maker 3 shapes
View the product Bubble Bath Box
Bubble Bath Box
Kids Set