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Bath time, a children ritual

It takes years for kids to develop a sense of time: setting regular schedules like THE sunday bath can make it the acme of their weekend. How? By slipping it into an overall ritual. It would include shoulder massage (most kids love it), the choice of the bedtime story and so on.

A feelgood bath requires some planning, like keeping all you need within reach: soap, shampoo, towel, body cream, brush, sleepwear, etc. Heat up the bathroom if need be and keep an eye on the water temperature (37°C).

Give your child a gentle warning: you don't wanna interrupt them right in the middle of whatever they're playing with. How would you react if anyone came stopping you right in the middle of a nail polish manicure?


Splashing around with toys  

The bath must be totally irresistible! To achieve that, you need toys, many toys: boats, figurines and unbreakable containers...

It's also a great opportunity to help children train their fine motor skills: playing house in the bath, a timeless classic!

Foaming bath for kids

There's nothing like a bunch of fluffy bubbles to bring a joyful spirit. It's soft, it's fun, it's even hilarious! Kids can use the foam to make a large moustache, a pirate bear or even a hat. Buy them a bath mirror especially made for them, thus unbreakable, and they will take up any challenge.

Mermaid tip: to make the most of our light foam bath salts, sprinkle them under the running water and be generous on dosage.

Children bath bombs: colour blast

Pink, purple, blue, lagoon green, milky way... All you need to make them ecstatic, especially if you change colour for each bath, they'll love it! You can also mix colours in one single bath thanks to our Space Bath Bombs. Blue and yellow for green effets, pink and blue for purplish water.

Top of the bubbles: when kids create their own bath bombs, they will use them wholeheartedly. Bath Bomb Maker is just about that: it all gets easier when the bath fun start with a DIY activity. For added relaxation, opt for our Crackling bath salts with their soothing rainstock sound - works every time!

Time to chill out 

What sort of parent are you during bath time? The stressed out one that fears splashes or the one that encourages them? It's time for you too to release the tensions of the day and have a nice chat with your little serene monster. Don't pas on this VIP moment. It can be a story that you both listen to to let your imagination run free. You can be the storyteller or invent one from scratch with your kid.

When the water gets too cold, bath time is over. To to that smoothly, choose a ritual song to warn them that a warm towel is about to wrap them up with love. Follow our tips and bath time will definitely become laugh tub!

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