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Jelly effect refers to a special polish texture, both transparent and syrupy. Think thick and sweet. Are you ready for a daring yet gorgeous manicure? Pool party mode activated!


Embracing the transparent trend 


The Jelly Effect is part of a global See through trend. What’s so special about it? This little flash of color dancing at the end of your tips exudes lightness and catches light in a unique way. It shows (almost) everything.


The Jelly Effect is also the antithesis of last winter’s Matrix cyber-chic trend –black, vinyl and leather. And honestly, it feels so good! The translucency mood can easily be adopted on accessories lines: sunglasses, shoes, shopping bags, visor caps and on your nails.


Did you notice the plexiglas (plexi for those in the know) revival in fashion jewellery? Here at nailmatic, we really like Helmut Paris for their clever mix of plexi and brass! We also have a huge crush on Lemon Jelly: this brand goes on a refreshing lemonade mood to create the coolest hi-tech shoes!



How to deal with the Jelly Effect manicure?


Upon the first rays of sun, you’re good to go!

For the shape, you definitely should favour short nails or almond. For the style, just wake up your inner Queen Beach! With our 4 Jelly Effect nail polish colours, you’ll also become the Beach Boss…


Their names inspiration comes from mythical beauties: Naomi (powdery pink), Claudia (coral pink), Rita (raspberry) and Ursula (orange red). They get the fruity tangy job done with sparkle but also care. These nail polishes are plant-based and 10 free, vegan and cruelty free. The greenest formula compatible with a flawless wear, just like any classic nail polish.



So, what’s up next ? Let your nails steal the show. Keep things casual with your outfit and loose yourself in crazy accessories (bag, bracelets, belt…). Be careful: one flashy piece at a time.


Tell me more about this Jelly wor(l)d 




Trouble is: there are many stories on the Jelly word origins. It obviously remind us the famous English dessert: fun, sweet, colored and see through like crazy. It also refers to jellyfish, and again it’s all about texture and transparency.


There’s more to it, with the jellyfish shoes: born in 1946 in France – like the bikini by the way (hurray), these beach sandals are pretty iconic. A must-have that reminds us of good old holidays, shell hunting and childhood summer joys.


So, are you ready for more transparency? Indeed, clean nails are mandatory with Jelly nail polish on.