Is makeup a child’s play?

Does your daughter love your lipstick? Have you ever caught her stealing it? Instead of banning it, follow our advices to manage this early infatuation before it turns into an obsession.
Is makeup a child’s play?


It always starts with lavish compliments: "Mom, I love the color of your nail polish, it's soooo beautiful! ". You are surely flattered. However, it never stops there. Your girl quickly gets to the point, she want some: "Me too,let me try your blue polish! ". She clearly looks up to you but how far should you let her go?


When to start wearing makeup?

Makeup at a young age has become an issue in many families. From what age can we play with it? Before age 3, it is much too early, as kids still need to improve their basic motor skills. Better let them master the art of opening doors, brushing teeth and zip zippers before putting a polish bottle in their little hands.

Also, finding your wall covered with lipstick traces wouldn’t look so good. Unless you want a new decoration… Well, it's up to you!

Then it all starts to change. Indeed, learning to apply nail polish will help them develop they fine motor skills, all of it leading to draw and write (no rush). 



Makeup and costume, same fight

Why do you think your kids wear makeup? To play grownups for a start. They love to copy their mothers’s style (or grandma), have fun and try new experiences. Period. Imitation games help them boosts their imagination and helps them acquire new things. By pretending to be a superhero, a princess or a very bad guy, they are actually practicing.
Same thing with makeup: they do it to laugh and not to please others. To disguise as a princess, let’s face it, you need glitters. And lucky you, we have a little trick to turn these sessions into didactic moments.
First, let them put on makeup in front of the mirror. Wait what? Rest assured, it won’t feed their narcissistic self. That’s a clever way to help them become 

aware of what they do, discover the different parts of their faces, master gestures, and so on. You’ll thank us later! 


With dedicated cosmetics,

no hidden tricks!

A child-friendly product is above designed to play. Your little girl jumps from one activity to another without a second thought and doesn’t expect her nail polish to last for 5 days. At nailmatic kids, it all vanishes with warm soapy water! We don’t intend to turn little ones into lolitas, that’s why our red polishes are only available in woman ranges.
For children, we rely on glitter and candy colors, which are much more suitable for pretend play. Keep in mind that kids (and also teens btw) have a more fragile skin, so before trying a new product, make sure that it is safe for children. If the doubt remains, run a test on the back of the hand, wait for 24 hours and then they’re good to go and play! In any case, we do not recommend using eye contour makeup because young fellows eyes are ultra-sensitive.  


Products for kids that make parents feel better


What Kiddo thinks: I wanna look like Mom and bond with her, plus it shines so I like it!

What You think: I don’t want her to plaster herself in makeup and I want her to use safe products.

That’s what our rollette lip gloss stands for: it’s a colorless glittery alternative to mom's lipstick. Little girls are mimicking their mom’s routines but the result remains transparent. Parents love its moisturizing power that softens dry lips. It doesn’t need to last on for hours and young ladies can use it at will. On top of that, our Rollette is so super-fruity that you will ask for it! 


It takes two to…

Now that you know that your daughter won’t turn into a true clown, you can relax and indulge in family time. Feels good, right? With our Mum&Me sets, you can make a beautiful team of beautistas! 1 plant-based nail polish for moms and 1 water-based nail polish for princesses. And how about a girlfriends tea party and nail bar in the living room? Rejoice, you’re gonna have tons of fun! One color per nail and the rainbow will glow!!!

One last thing. Applying makeup helps kids to stay focused, to master a mass-free mani and get a well earned glitter diploma... A DREAM COME TRUE!
Of course it remains important to set limits: no polish allowed on the floor, on the wall, on the clothes.

Between us, having them more or less under control for more than 5 minutes is already a feat.So, where should we sign?


And now, the coolest thing. Once kids have their own makeup, they won’t use it that much and quickly move on to something else… In short, you won’t play makeup all weekends, unless you really insist!

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