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Your outfit is ready, your presentation elements are all set, you are on top of your game and ready to get this dream job… But. This flaked nail polish, should we talk about it now or send you to your demise? You’re gonna use your hands for a girl shake, to show things. Which manicure should you wear for a job interview? Which length should your nails be, which colour? Follow precious tips, read on…


Look me in the eye

A job-interview-mani is meant to go unnoticed. Do you really want your interlocutor (sorry, you next HR Manager) to stare at your nails while you’re unfolding the super mega strategy you’ve worked on for days?

Your target is expected to hang on your every word, to look you straight in the eyes. Therefore, go for low-key mani.


A well thought plan

There is nothing worse than a nail damaging your tights five minutes before the job interview. Although it is not the end of the world, we can easily say it is not the best confidence booster. Indeed, having natural nails does not mean having fallow nails that scratch any moving object. 

Use a cardboard file, more respectful and less aggressive for your nails. Opt for a natural shape, preferably rounded or almond. And the cuticles? If needed, push them back delicately, but if you are a novice, leave them alone (caution ladies : it can easily become a carnage).



 Nude, the perfect ally

The choice of colour is crucial. In order to avoid fashion faux pas, a nice nude colour always feels right and casual. The scope of shades is as vast as the different skin carnations: beige, powered-pink, pinked infused nuts… Our PURE color nude polishes Sasha, Aïda, Imani, Diana and Coumba are perfect for a chic and delicate finish.

BB nail : zero flaws

Just looking for a healthy glow on your fingertips? Think BB nail! This semi-matt nail polish provides a unified and flawless aspect, just like foundation does to your face. Perfect if your soon-to-be employer is a bank or a law firm. Your recruiter will be focused on your words, not a silly flaked nail.


Is a red manicure appropriate for a job interview?

Of course! especially if you work in a digital environment, a trendy millennial environment or for startup companies. This colour is associated with courage and energy. In short, everything you want to show to your recruiter.

In a more formal workplace, a bright red could send the wrong message by setting up an seduction or domination mood. Careful, if we do not want recruiter to see red! We do not want that, ever, in an interview.
Make a smart choice, go for a beautiful deep red. Our burgundy red Kate or deep red Grace, are a clever bet! Our favorite for a chic finish? Definitely brick brown Anouk and brown taupe Alaïa. Neutrally bold.


No more reasons to be stressed out, you are perfect right down to your fingernails Go girl, we send you lots of positive vibes for this job interview, you’re gonna nail it!!

PS1: if you work in a medical field, nail polish is FORBIDDEN, short bare nails are  highly recommended.  

PS2: you work in a creative field? You know better, follow your instinct.


 Crédits photo Unsplash: Federica Giusti et Gabriela Vinca

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