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Cleaner polish that ever!  

- 54% water-based 

- No nasty smell 

- Bye bye chemical solvents

- And of course, made in France, vegan and cruelty free.

What changed: a stunning 5 days wear!  

The success of AQUA nail since its launch has been heartwarming to us. Betting on a nail polish that lasted less than classic ones was quite a challenge. But our desire to be cleaner down to our fingertips was strong and thanks to you, it is already a success! 

Well, you're getting to know us now, we weren't going to stop there... 

We focused on the Aqua nail Base & Top coat formula and tadaaaah! The mandatory alter ego of your AQUA nail polish now makes the party last for to 5 days!!! 


The perfect AQUA nail routine 

  • One layer of your Base & Top coat

  • Two thin layers of your favorite AQUA nail polish (choose one of our 23 color range!)

  • One layer of Base & Top coat right after that and one more 24 hours later.

  • Avoid contact with warm water within four hours after your manicure and there it is, impeccable for 5 days!

AQUA nail now plays in the same league as classic nail polishes: same ease of application, same coverage, same shine, similar drying time and, we repeat, SAME HOLD.


Tip: To remove, hold a cotton wool pad soaked in nail polish remover on the nails for 20 seconds while doing circular movements. You can use our plant-based removers (except for the cream one, Remover on the go). A regular remover will work fine too.