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View the product Coloring Temporary Tattoos - 70's
Coloring Temporary Tattoos - 70's
Tattoo Artist
View the product The Cat by Ami Imaginaire tattopen duo set cat by ami imaginaire packaging tattoopen duo set cat by ami imaginaire with white tattoo pen and cat stencil
The Cat by Ami Imaginaire
Tattoopen Duo Set
Limited edition
View the product TATTOOPEN Set - Funny tribe
TATTOOPEN Set - Funny tribe
Kids Set
View the product Halloween Skeleton Make up Kit make up kid halloween squeletton
Halloween Skeleton Make up Kit
Temporary felt pen
Limited edition
View the product Red - Tattoopen
Red - Tattoopen
Temporary felt pen
View the product White - Tattoopen
White - Tattoopen
Temporary felt pen

TATTOOPEN : Temporary felt pens

With TATOOPEN temporary felt pens, drawing on your skin becomes really easy.
9 colours: all you need to let your imagination run free, and even wild!
Geometric shapes, tribal patterns, floral, animal, illustrative… You can now try them all and explore skin art with safe tools.

A gentle 60% water-based formula, that changes everything!
Who hasn’t had second thoughts while doing a zombie (or butterfly) face with makeup of dubious quality?
Our temporary tattoo felt pens are adapted to face and body, and respect all skins, children and adults alike. You can use them safely, what a joyous relief!
Washable with soap and water: again, it’s a no-brainer to use them, as they are so easy to remove.

Focusing on ergonomics.
Our TATTOOPEN paintbrush is easy to handle, even for little hands, from age 5.
It helps you draw thin and thick lines alike, depends on the pressure applied to it. A new tattoo gesture!

A unique experience providing quality friends/family time.
Whether you’re in a Halloween mood, party time or sleepover, you’re gonna jump on every opportunity to perform a new tattoo. And kids, they never get enough of it!

3 kits, 3 themes
We’ve also come up with a whole concept for little craft lovers. Each kit contains 3 temporary tattoo felt pens and 1 activity book. And each one gets deeper into a creative universe: Planet, Tribe and Art, with games and dares, and of course inspiration drawings and ideas. Far from screens and video games, so much fun! 

We always favour the simplest production circuits, 95% of the time in France. When we don’t find the perfect partner, we broaden our search in Europe. That’s why TATTOOPEN is made in Italy.    

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.