International Women’s Day: nailmatic x Malala Fund

True fact: Women represent approximately half of Humanity. They shouldn’t be seen as a minority. They’re not an endangered species, not a lost cause.
International Women’s Day: nailmatic x Malala Fund

Women are still struggling to have a say in their destiny. They fight their own battles in every part of the world, from the workplace to the classroom. 

Nail polish and Women’s rights 

 At first glance, it may seem obvious for nailmatic to talk about Women’s rights – after all, we do make products for Women to express their individuality - but it’s actually not that simple. We’ve been reluctant for years to associate our brand with International Women’s Day. We didn’t feel we had the right to make statements on that very special occasion, but we are done being silent.

Did you know that nail polish is the first cosmetic product that little girls ask for? It’s part of a beauty routine passed on from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter. Nail polish is associated with superficiality, casualness and womanhood. Frivolous for some, frowned upon for others, this little bottle means more than just applying color on nails. A woman who is free to live her own life can also decide what to wear and feel free from head to tips.  

Ladies First: all website benefits for Malala Fund. 

Before being free to choose what nail polish to wear, going to school is the first step towards Women’s independence: learning to read, write, count and think for themselves. Malala Fund gives Women suffering from poverty, abuse, and discrimination a chance to improve their lives through access to secondary education. 

We're so proud to partner with Malala Fund for the International Women's Day! From March 4 to 10, every 50$ order will get a "Ladies First" Gala polish and all our eshop profits (March 4th to 10th) will be donated to Malala Fund. Founded by Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, this international organization helps girls go to school and reach their full potential. One more reason to grab this powerful polish!!


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