Pack of 10 pipettes

The pipette is nailmatic LAB’s measurement tool, essential to prepare your nail polish recipes. Beyond easy to manipulate, wether you're planning on using drops or a full pipette.

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Pack of 10 pipettes. 

Every recipe uses drops or pipettes as a unit.
Don't forget: 1 pipette = 1ml (0,033814 fl.oz.)
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How to use the pipette?

1/ Press the soft end of the pipette, get rid of all the air and release the pressure slowly, to let the pigment get inside the tube. 
2/ Then move the pipette above the mixing base bottle, press the end of the pipette again and let the color go.

Use one pipette per pigment, otherwise your colour might go all wrong.
You can use the same pipette with a single colour all day long. The next day, when everything has dried, you will need a new pipette to keep your measuring efforts on track.

How many pipettes per bottle?

The mixing base is filled up to 0.08 fl.oz. (8 ml, all in all 9 pipettes). 
To avoid overflow, don't add more than 6 pipettes to your bottle. You wouldn’t be able to close the bottle or shake your color properly, with poor results in the end.

How to best use your pipette?

1 pipette equals 0,033814 fl.oz. (1 ml). To be super accurate, test every pipette before use, like a general rehearsal. 

1 - Press on the soft end of the tube to let all the air out, being careful to apply your whole fingertip to maximise pressure.
2 - Still holding tight on the soft tip of the tube, put the pipette inside the pigment container.
3 - Let the pigment get sucked in aaaand… Put it back in its container without using it.  
4 - Your pipette is now ready to ensure a perfect dosage and create great colors following our recipes (or not)!  

Contents: 8ml
Weight: 10 g

Nailmatic LAB

How to make your own DIY nail polish?

All you need to get started? Your keen eyes, pipettes (provided) and recipes (check)


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