Nailmatic Kids

Party Kit

Them: energy to burn, a talent for being naughty and a wild imagination. You: not enough time to do it all? Discover our make-your-own party kit!

49,90 € tax incl.

Complete kit

Mission: Party? Birthday, tea party or disco to organize for 8 kids (or more even, seeing as your little one is super sociable)? Ambition and pressure? Tired before it has even begun?

This is the solution for looking after a gang of kids that are about to show up at your place and turn your living room into a playground. Take a deep breath, smile and relax: it’ll all be fine… Password: Party Kit.

This kit for 8 kids contains:

  • 8 surprise packs (to be put together and filled as you like—sweets always go down a treat)
  • 8 nailmatic kids nail polishes (selection)
  • 8 nailmatic balloons (made from natural biodegradable latex)

You can add extra kids for an €7 supplement per child. To do this, just click on “Additional Guest Party Kit” and indicate the number of guests. The total will be calculated automatically

For each additional child, we’ll add a surprise cone, a nail polish and a balloon. Size of assembled cone: 27cm height/11cm base


Turn your living room into a nail bar, complete with fruit cocktails and manicures! Why not try the rainbow manicure with a different colour on each nail? And organise a photo shoot—who can pull the silliest face?—to create a souvenir of what is set to be one of the best birthdays ever!


In addition to making your life easier, nailmatic also makes parties easier! The nailmaTeam has designed surprise packs and birthday kits with one sole aim: making kids ecstatic! Budding stars and nail addicts in the making can play at being grown-ups in complete safety. #happyface #megaLOL


100% safe, 100% fun!
Our water-based nail polishes are specially made for children. Easy to apply, they disappear with warm soapy water or directly in the bath.
Guaranteed to be free from organic solvents, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene and fragrance.
Dermatologically tested.

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