Changing the Rules

Changing the Rules

Our mission statement was clear from the get-go: reducing our costs to offer a little fashion treat to complement your look in just three brushstrokes!

Our obsession is innovation. We’re always raising the bar—it’s a driving force, a challenge and a way of life.

Pledge of Frivolity

Two guys creating a nail polish brand—and why not? Boris and Lilian know nail polish like the back of their hands (pun intended). At nailmatic, we work hard but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. More than a start-up, the NailmaTeam is a state of mind. We are perfectionists - a tightly knit team and we throw ourselves in 3000%.

Changing the Rules

A Vow of Loyalty to our Partners

We’re on a first name basis with our partners and can always grab a coffee with them without skyrocketing our carbon footprint. Being close to our partners allows us to respond with lightning speed. Being loyal actually gives us a lot of freedom!

In practice, we keep it local. Laboratory, marketing, R&D, design, manufacturing, etc.—practically everything is done within a 100 miles radius, mostly around Paris.

HQ Design
customer service,
sales, export…
Yes, we’re always running around, all the time—how did you know? Paris (75)

Nail Polish ProductionOur much cherished nail polish factory, which has been in the business for almost 40 years

Usine de Fabrication Nail Polish Production Our much cherished nail polish factory, which has been in the business for almost 40 years Yvelines = 1 hour 20 mins by nailmaCar

Com DisplayVal d'Oise (95)

Com Display An essential link in our chain to make sure we’re seen in our best light, with posters, banners and creative displays! Val d’Oise = 1 hour by nailmaCar

Eco-Designed PackagingOise (60)

Eco-Designed Packaging nailmatic is like no other when it comes to its beautiful (paper), good (vegetable inks) and, above all, cool packaging Oise = 50 mins by train

PackagingVal d'Oise (95)

Packaging For this precise and meticulous part of the process, nailmatic voluntarily chose an E.S.A.T workshop which employs 78 registered disabled workers Val d’Oise = 1 hour by nailmaCar

Nail Polish ProductionParis (75)

Usine de Fabrication Nail Polish Production Our much cherished nail polish factory, which has been in the business for almost 40 years Paris (75)

StorageSeine et Marne (77)

Storage It’s the stuff of dreams: nail polish upon nail polish—nail polishes as far as the eye can see! Seine-et-Marne = 50 mins by train or nailmaCar

Payment SystemVal de Marne (94)

Payment System Money Geeks This is where the payment systems for our machines are developed (particularly contactless). Val de Marne = 30 mins by nailmaScoot (soon to be electric)

Color Vending Machine ProductionEssone (91)

Color Vending Machine Production Color vending machine nailmatic created the very first nail polish vending machine. A Parisian invention, made in the Parisian region of Ile-de-France! Essonne = 45 mins by train or nailmaCar

naiLabEure et Loir (28)

naiLab naiLab Research and the secret formulas for our nail polishes Eure-et-Loir = 54 mins by train
Our True Colors

Our True Colors

With a strong commitment to creativity, nailmatic brings together talents that make our project even greater. Among them are our colorist Isabelle, our art director Olivia and our designer/visual artist Camille.

Isabelle directs our work on color because nail polish is a complex product. As an experienced creative makeup director, she has worked with the biggest names in beauty (such as Clarins, Chanel, Lancôme and Dior).

Olivia brings a unique approach to the brand’s visual identity. A graduate of the Paris school of decorative arts, she brings photos to life with playfully chic compositions.

Camille puts the finishing touches on our displays by creating fixtures and decors.

Honesty is such a Lovely Word

We create concepts that are born from great ideas.

Our nail polishes and their ingredients are not tested on animals (vegan and cruelty-free). But we’re not boasting—it’s the law in France, plain and simple!

We’re not interested in getting into a marketing frenzy based on empty promises—we’re too busy developing new ideas for that. The ANSM (French Agency for the Safety of Health Products) ensures that no product sold on the French market poses a health risk.

So we prefer to talk about Social Responsibility—a global approach close to our heart. For example, we collaborate with a center that is part of the ADEP (the French association for the mutual aid of disabled persons) for the packing of our products. We have no legal obligation to do this—it’s a purely ethical choice and we’re proud of it.

Getting Emotional

Getting Emotional

Art, design, up-and-coming trends—the NailmaTeam covers all fronts to create its must-have collections. Bottling the zeitgeist is also a matter of putting our finger on forgotten emotions that are making a comeback. We approach innovation with the desire to rediscover simple pleasures, like our old-fashioned playground-style kids vending machine.

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