Happy & healthy resolutions for 2019

Check out our super tips to enjoy the bright side of life in 2019!
Happy & healthy resolutions for 2019

The nailmaTeam is watching over your nails and more. Our guideline is crystal clear: focus on yourself, open up and the rest will flow…

Straight ahead!

You’ve done fair enough so far? Good for you. Surely you can do better or try another approach.

Throw a different angle, choose sides and think big. 

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Bon appétit!  

Eating healthy should never be a duty, it’s a tasty journey!

Set your plates with panache: go organic (always better), mix colours and break your foodie rules from time to time.

Your body will be thankful (your nails too)!


Applying nail polish is no physical exercice, it’s pure pleasure (and focus, we grant you that).  Staying fit isn’t about starving or sweating for hours.

You can hop off the bus before your usual stop and wander un bit.

Good for the mind and the body. 

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Slow Life 

Your closet is full of clothes you don’t even wear? Your beauty bag begs for mercy? You’re beyond digital intoxication? 

Indulge yourself with a screenless night, once a week.

Doing what? Book reading, inviting friends over and herbal teas. Time to try a meditation app. 10 minutes a day will make all the difference in your world.

In the moment

Mani time? Don’t rush, enjoy this moment.

If you think applying nail polish is a waste of time, you’ll stress up and mess. And start all over again would be much worse…

Think of it as a time off, treat yourself with our essential range and linger even longer. 

girl who drink tea on her bed


Enough talk, let’s take actions! The nailmaTeam is proud to make a fresh start by your sides… We wish you a beautiful, green, and 100% stylish year.

HAPP 2019

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