Fashion & makeup trend : warm up to karma Coral!

Who said coral was only for summer? Total misconception, you can wear it throughout the year. It’s actually a universal color that matches all skin tones!
Fashion & makeup trend : warm up to karma Coral!

We have a bunch of tips in store to make this energising color your best asset!

Corail is the new black

Close your eyes, think about coral and your mind will escape towards a beautiful reef, surrounded by turquoise sea and sandy beaches ...  Clearly, it’s an optimistic and punchy hue.

 Coral has clearly achieved podium success as seen on the catwalk: many famous brands went blush, from Marc Jacobs to Maison Margiela, along with Prada, Acné Studios or Fendi.

 Life is definitely peachy and you’d better get used to it since it’s been elected Pantone’s color of the year 2019 under the name « Living Coral ».

A rich shade born to shine bright in your bag as well: Apple and Huawei made bloody sure of that!


Orangey tones, sunny faces:

Halfway between orange and pink, coral is a perfect color for an uplifting and vibrant make-up. How to choose the perfect tone for your lips and cheeks? We got you covered, it’s good for our karma coral…


Makeup tips for a punchy result:

 - Light skin: your cheeks will enjoy an apricot blush, a welcomed freshness for your porcelain complexion. On the lip side, a pink-orange lipstick will do the job.

 - Golden / matte skins: be bold, wear a real coral blush for a solar result on your cheeks! Keep it up with a glossy coral tint that will brighten your lips, thus your face.

- Dark skin tones: for an effortless pop touch, fall for a coral red blush. A fiery orange lipstick will complete this stunning look of yours! 


Coral manicure, dare dare dare

Coral down to your fingertips, really? Oh yeah. Make the move, you're spoiled for choice...



PURE color range :

- Eva and Emiko: pink-orange pastels that will turn your denim look into something special

- For a rock n'roll touch, Ella is your best flashy nail bet. Wear it with sober clothes so that your hands can really steal the show!

- Soria and Sunny, hot and solar pastels for a vibrant feelgood therapy.

6 tips to avoid coral fashion mistakes

Coral is the color of the year, treat it with respect, tame it with attitude. You’re dealing with tones than will get you a true healthy glow.


1 / Take it easy, take small coral steps and rely on accessories: shoes, clutch, headband...

2 / For a contrasting look, match coral with navy blue.

3 / For a summer feel, camel or glossy brown are your best allies. 

4 / More daring: try coral with fuchsia or with purple. Even bolder, put the three of them together to achieve retro color block hotness!

5 / Last trick: if you wear a coral top, put on a white shirt. If it’s an engaging print, like Esquisse’s floral body (see opposite), pair it with your everyday jeans. Gorgeous!

6 / Don’t. Combining two different coral pieces at the same time is a risky business. If it’s not exactly the same tone, it would become soooo uncool.



Coral is a sociable color that will be inviting everywhere and put us in a good mood. If you till can’t bring yourself to wear it, your home will: tested and adopted! 


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