The Essentials

The Essentials

We love your nails, we want them polished, but also naturally strong and happy. 
Brittle nails are not an option, you want them in pristine condition. So do we. 

Your hands are part of your personal brand, a living business card that reveals more than you think: manual? meticulous? groomed? nervous? Your nails will tell. 

But. Unless you wear gloves 24/7, you can’t escape a little handiwork once in a while: typing, texting, cleaning, scratching, grabbing, there’s always something to tip or pinch. Add to that dry air, frequent washing, coldness and harsh products and your digits become dry and frail. 
What you get is a nail burnout: ridges, chips, crappy cuticles. The list goes on and on: damaged, brittle, broken, cracked and splitting nails… Enough. 

If your nails could talk, they would surely have lots to share: 
- Get off your bath, we’re soaked to the bones
- Can you wear gloves on for your spring cleaning?
- Nice sunscreen, but what about us?
- We can hardly breathing in here, take that gel polish off 

Plant-based nail care treatments

Indulge in our Essentials: choose wellness and smoothness over weakness!
You know how involved we are in moving nail polish towards friendlier formulas. Following our 100% plant-based bestseller Lavender Nail Polish Remover, we expanded the range with efficient nail care products. 

Massage serums, easy to use whenever you fancy (waiting rooms, subway, binge-watching… You name it), thanks to their dropper system: Hydra Serum, Black Serum, Precious Oil.  
Super polish treatments to apply as base coats or use on their own: Beauty Care, Rescue Care, Strong Care. 

All of them plant-based, based on renewable and natural origin ingredients.

They go hand in hand with our colorful professional buffing tools to pamper your digits and keep them in tip-top shape!

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