Double sided mint nail file kit

Give your weekly mani routine a color boost! Our cute mint nail file does the trick in a few gentle file strokes. Pretty handy in case of splitting nails: keep one in the office, one at home and one in your bag. 

$ usd 5.00

Double sided nail file. 
1- Shape (240 grits): that’s the coarser side, helps you achieve perfect length and shape. 
2- Finish (180 grits): fine grain to deal with scratches and smooth nail edges. 

Colour: mint green. 
Designed for natural nails.
180 / 240 grits
Dimensions: 17,8cm x 1,9cm  

Tender wood sticks cuticle pushers. 
How many? 2
Go easy on your cuticles: moisturise first, then push them nicely.
Length: 15cm

Lightweight and flexible for precise shaping. 
Our nail file kit allows you to work smoothly without damaging your nails.

Made in Korea.
Wait… what? Spotted, that’s a conscious exception of our made in France habit. To be honest, we try to source the best suppliers to meet your needs. This time we found no French champion, so we broaden the search and opted for Korea. Best files ever, awesome!

How to file your nails correctly?

1/ When? Once a week for maintenance, on demand in case of broken nail emergency.  

2/ What?
 Use premium material only. Poor quality (over-used) files cause damage and take more of your precious time. 

3/ How?
 No sawing back and forth please, you’re not a woodcutter. Start at the side of the nail, file towards the center, it’s way gentler your digits. 

4/ Why?
 Why keep your nails short? Because you use your hands on keyboards, in water, texting, typing, pinching, everything… All he more reasons for them to break ou split. Rounded or square? Your call. You can’t go wrong if you follow the natural shape of your tips. 

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