Double sided pink nail file kit

Your weekly mani routine needs a color boost? Our cute pink nail file does the trick in a few gentle file strokes. Pretty handy in case of splitting nails: keep one in the office, one at home and one in your bag. 

$ usd 5.00

Double sided 180 / 240 grits pink nail file: 
1- Shape: achieve the perfect length and shape with the coarser side of the file. 
2- Finish: fine grain for smooth edges. Ideal for dealing with scratches. 

For natural nails only. 
Dimensions: 17,8cm x 1,9cm  

2 tender wood sticks cuticle pushers. 
Never cut your cuticles, moisturise them and push them nicely.
Length: 15cm

Precise shaping. 
Flexible: works smoothly without damaging your nails.
Lightweight, easy to handle.
Smoothen the sharp and rough edge easily

Our files are made in Korea, an exception for our made in France cosmetic brand. Why is that? Because we’re always sourcing the best suppliers; this time there was no awesome french alternative, so we broaden the search and gladly opted for Korea. Best files ever. 

How to file your nails correctly?

1/ Advised frequency: once a week. 

2/ Use high quality (not over-used) material only. Better doing nothing than file your nails using crappy material. 

3/ Prevent nail splitting: don’t saw back and forth, no exception. Start at the side of the nail and file towards the center.   

4/ Choose sides, ladies: rounded, square or almond? Your call. Just try to respect the natural shape of your tips, harmony is the key. 

5/ Choose length regarding your everyday activities. If your hands are quite busy, long nails won’t last. 

6/ Follow our nailmatic expert chic tip: always file a little shorter than planned. 

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