Get ready for a foam party – just for kids! Nailmatic introduces its range of bath products made especially for children, because there’s an art to creating a safe but pleasurabubble bath time: bubbles and colors bring the fun factor, while their gentle formulas are kind to the kiddos’ delicate skin. So you won’t burst their bubble when you announce it’s time for their bath – they’ll be raring to go!

Bath time party: 100% Fun 100% colours!
Boredom is not allowed in bath time. Bubbling over with joy is definitely a more suitable option! The hardest part will be to put them out of the water: a post-bath hug will help guide your kid to bedtime ritual with no fuss.
Our products leave no colour stains on skin or bathtub.
Vegan cruelty free.

Gentle cleansing and hydrating bath range for kids
Having fun brings the joy of feeling clean with no effort and loads of fun!
Moiturising properties perfect for delicate young skins. Dermatologically tested.

Galaxy bath balls
Because every kid deserves a smooth landing after a day of playing and fooling around, we added a camomile bonus to our formula. Bubbling over with joy is one great thing. Sleeping tight is the ultimate reward for parents, thumbs up to that!

Organic soaps (Cosmos Ecocert certification)
A boat or cloud shaped soap is a delightful starting point for exploring a bath time full of adventures. Kids will bubble out loud, be ready!!

Tips for bath time fun
Involve your children in getting clean: at the tender age of 3, they can handle a part of it. They will take these new responsibilities very seriously.
Strike a tune and sing along: perfect to revive the atmosphere and learn all school classics.

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