BB Nail

BB Nail

Because your hands say so much about you, nailmatic has created a treatment to give you a healthy look right down to your fingertips. BB Nail has called in the cream of the crop of undercover beauty agents to be at the service of your nails. Secret and discrete (like the invisible man), they are available in three shades for a super natural finish. Available in duo sets.

Made from 84% plant-based ingredients, vegan and 10-free, this satin-finish base grips pigment and looks perfect under pastel nail polishes.

Both a perfector and a beautifier, BB Nail gives a uniform appearance to your nails. Just like its cousin, BB Cream,
it’s also a vitamin-enriched treatment for reinforced protection. 

It’s nothing short of a beauty miracle—and it’s all down to Porcelain Flower, a flower extract that is a much-coveted ingredient in nude beauty products.
The shades and finish were developed to be “nail-imitating” with a semi-matte texture and a soft touch,
to create something that’s never been seen before.

Perfectly invisible, BB nail is also recommended for men who like to have smart hands.
Its high-coverage texture allows it to be applied with ease.

1/ Use on its own for a nude effect or as a base for the perfect manicure.
2/ Apply on clean nails for a faultless finish.
3/ Mega simple: you can apply BB Nail at the edge of the table or during your coffee break.
4/ Easier to apply than traditional nail polish, it creates a natural finish with just one coat.
For a more polished finish, knock yourself out with a second coat.
5/ Skip top coat when wearing BB Nail, otherwise you lose the nude effect!

Our mission: to preserve the beauty of your nails as much as possible with a 7-free formula made in France.
Good to know: all our packaging is recyclable and printed with vegetable dyes.

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