My custom box set in 3 easy steps

The nailmaTeam have created a special service: make your own box set!
Have your pick of plant-based PURE color shades, BB nail and The Essentials… And when it’s done, you can even add a smart gift card to make it even more unique (and gift-ready). Then it’s a simple question of 2 + 2 = 4, right? Not quite! The more nail polishes you buy, the less you pay! 
This offer is not subject to condition, it isn’t for a limited period and you can use it as many times as you like—now that’s what we call nail therapy…
Welcome to nail polish heaven…

Select your box size Select your colors or care products Add a lovely message
Select your box size
The more you take, the less you pay...
Pack de 2
-5% discount

Create a duo

Starting at 17,10 €
Instead of 18,00 €

Pack de 3
-10% discount

Create a trio

Starting at 24,30 €
Instead of 27,00 €

Pack de 5
-15% discount

5 is your lucky number!

Starting at 38,25 €
Instead of 45,00 €

Select your colors or care products
What you want is what you get!
You're all set!
Sorry this one is not available right now...
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1€ for any box size

instead of

* based on our lower nail polish price

free delivery
from 25€
Offer applies to
mainland France only


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