=> nailmaWHO?

nailmatic was founded in 2012 by Boris Gratini and Lilian Monnier. The former comes from the beauty industry and so is at the helm of our product design. The latter, having developed his career in communications and graphic design, consequently steers the design and artistic side of things.

Around this complementary duo a super team has grown: the nailmaTeam!

=> Why is there no capital letter at the beginning of “nailmatic”?

Simply to annoy you every time it’s at the beginning of a sentence and to check that you are paying attention. Rest assured, we sometimes regret this graphic design decision (and moan about the resultant autocorrect).

=> What’s so special about your nail polishes?

We built nailmatic on the premise that an excellent quality nail polish shouldn’t cost more than €10. Innovation is at the heart of our business: our polishes offer high coverage and high shine, are shock resistant and above all, dry in a flash. Truly. They are also nail friendly as we work on the basis that our products should be able to be used by our nearest and dearest.

=> Are your products organic?

Strictly speaking, organic nail polish doesn’t really exist—or only from a marketing point of view in any event. nailmatic favours organically-sourced ingredients as far as possible, as shown by the launch of our Kids range. Our research in this direction continues, in order to develop increasingly natural formulations. It’s a real challenge as our women’s nail polishes must be long lasting and have a high coverage texture and glossy finish.

=> Are your products tested on animals?

Not on your nelly. In any event, it’s not allowed.

=> Your children’s nail polishes are removed with warm soapy water. Is it harmful for fish and the environment when that water washes down the plughole?

We promise that our kids nail polishes are not harmful to any fish, rest assured. They contain no toxic substances.

=> Where are your products made?

Our products are made in France, within a radius of roughly 200km from our Paris offices. We have even made a super map to plot it all out.

Our packaging is recyclable and we use vegetable dyes.

=> Where can we see your products in real life?

nailmatic is stocked in 40 or so countries so there are plenty of possibilities to see our products IRL. The easiest way is to use our Store Locator.

=> Do you have lots of stock for each of your products?

In general, yes, apart from our collabs, which are designed to be produced in limited editions.



=> I have an awesome shop and I’d love to sell your products in it—is that possible?

Absolutely! Write to us at [email protected] including as much information about your store as possible (brands sold, photos of the space, concept)

=> I have a blog and I’d like to do a partnership with you. How do I go about that?

Drop us a little email with all the details of your proposition to [email protected].

=> I would like to suggest doing collaboration with you—how does that work?

As you can imagine, we select our collaborations with great care. We study all (serious) propositions and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Send us your information/lookbook/suggestion to [email protected]

=> I would like to suggest my products for your nailmatic loves selection—how do I go about that?

nailmatic loves is the result of serendipitous encounters and love at first site. Try your luck and send us your catalogue and your lookbook.

=> Is the nailmaTeam recruiting?

We are sometimes, but it’s quite unusual. nailmatic is a start-up with a tight-knit team that works very, very hard. Following us on our social media is the best way to stay up-to-date with if/when we are recruiting.

=> What is the Nailletter?

It’s our newsletter. We send it out once a week maximum and we promise that we won’t give out or sell your email addresses—cross our hearts and hope to die. It’s also very easy to unsubscribe (and re-subscribe, too).

=> And if I want to delete my account permanently?

No problem. To delete your account permanently, you just need to send us an email at [email protected].

If you would just like to edit your personal information, go to the “My Account” space.



=> Can I pay by cheque?

‘Fraid not. You can pay for your order by card or Paypal.

=> No matter what I try, payment by card doesn’t work. What should I do?

Try again after restarting your browser or refreshing the page. If the problem continues, the simplest solution is to use Paypal while waiting to contact your bank.

=> As I was making the payment there was a glitch and it doesn’t look like my order went through… Will my account be debited?

If you haven’t received an email confirmation it’s absolutely certain that your order hasn’t been validated and your account won’t be debited. There was probably a connection or browser problem. The simplest solution is to start over. Don’t despair—you’re almost there!

=> I can’t log in to my account—what should I do?

Don’t panic. The simplest solution is to click on “forgotten password” and to follow the instructions that will be sent to you by email.

=> When can I contact customer service?

You can reach our customer service by phone on +33(0)1 85 09 69 25, from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm French time.

=> I would like to write to you (advice, love letter, earbashing). What address should I send it to?

The simplest solution is to send us as email at [email protected]

Go easy on the ear bashing—we really do our best to make sure everything runs smoothly. And above all, take a deep breath and re-read your email before clicking on send. This advice stands for life in general, too. You’re welcome

=> I haven’t received a reply to my email. What’s up?

We receive a huge amount of email on all kinds of subjects (partnerships, orders, wholesale, projects, job applications…). So it’s sometimes difficult to reply to all of it, but we promise to do our best. And it’s also possible that your email has found its way into our spam folder. Feel free to send us a gentle reminder if you haven’t received a reply after a week. If your request is to do with client services, contact us directly by telephone at +33(0)1 85 09 69 25, from 10am to 6pm (French time), Monday to Friday.



=> What are your delivery times?

Once your order is confirmed, we need around two business days to process and prepare you order. Then, depending on the destination country, the delivery time can vary between 2 to 5 days. For mainland France, it takes 5 days maximum between order confirmation and delivery.

=> And if I take advantage of my days off to place an order on a Friday afternoon, when will I receive my delivery?

An order placed after 3pm (French time) on a Friday will most likely be prepared on the following Monday. Spare a thought for George who manages your orders with great care and attention and who deserves a well-earned break over the weekend.

=> Who’s George?

Ah yes, that’s right, we haven’t introduced you to George yet. If you want the full story, George grew up in England, in the Midlands—in the countryside between Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. At the age of 10, he arrived with his parents in the Dordogne where he wasn't the only English speaker—he was amongst 8 Brits in a class of 20. George has worked for nailmatic, in our storage reserves, with his excellent playlists since 2015. Naturally, he accepted the role of managing your orders. Any further questions?

=> Which delivery services take care of delivering my order?

We chose a simple and speedy way of doing things: recorded delivery or Chronopost for France, UPS for everywhere else.

=> How are delivery charges calculated?

They are calculated automatically in your order basket. It’s up to you to choose the option you prefer. They are calculated according to the country of delivery.

=> How can I benefit from free delivery?

Easy. You just have to place an order totalling at least €40 for mainland France or €80 for zones 1 and 2 (see the list of corresponding countries in delivery).

=> I moved house and forgot to update my delivery information. Can I change the delivery address after I have confirmed my order?

If you haven’t received an order confirmation email, you can send us the correct address via the contact form. Do this asap as once the order has been dispatched, it’s too late to change it. If the order is returned to us due to an incorrect address, you will be responsible for the delivery charges.

=> I’m a natural born worrier. Can you let me know whereabouts my parcel is?

The latest news is that it’s doing very well. You should have received an email with a tracking number. This will come in handy for you to find out exactly where your much-awaited order is. You can also check the status of your order under “My Account”.

=> I haven’t received anything and the courier says that the package has been delivered. I fear the worst.

Fret not. It’ll all work out in the end, believe us—we have experience in these matters. Start by checking with your entourage—neighbour, colleague, friend, relatives; perhaps someone with good intentions put it aside for you. You just need to find out who! If the package really has disappeared, it’s a pain but there are solutions. First of all, lodge a complaint with the delivery service. Once you have done that, let us know so that we can also lodge a complaint with them.

=> I’ve changed my mind, I made a mistake… Oops. How do I return make a return?

Oops, well, ok, everyone has second thoughts at some point. Luckily for you, you have the right to a period of withdrawal in France, so take advantage of it! You have 14 days to let us know your intention, and then 14 days to return the package to us with the products (seals in tact). We then have 30 days to proceed with reimbursement (more details can be found in our T&Cs). If you act quickly, the delivery will be cancelled in time and you won’t be charged.

=> I’ve received the package but it’s not what I ordered…

Oops (again)! We will do everything we can to send you the correct products as quickly as we can. Contact us asap so that we can go ahead with the exchange (for which, of course, we will pay the charges)

=> I haven’t found the answer to my questions here. What should I do?

Help us to improve this page by sending us your question using the contact form on our website. We will reply to your question and if it deserves it, we’ll add it to this FAQ.



=> My polish chips after two days. What’s the secret to making it last longer?

On average, a manicure lasts 5 to 6 days, but you still have to put in the groundwork … Our Essentials range meets all of these needs.

1_ File your nails without sawing back and forth. Move the file over the nails, not the other way round.

2_ Cuticle time (our Precious Oil is recommended here). Rinse hands with warm water or use an oil-removing product to create a clean surface. Greasy nails and nail polish do not make for a great result.

Our treatment routine is simple and unchanging: base coat to protect + first thin coat of polish (not too much product on the brush) + second thicker coat of polish + top coat Have a quick break between each coat (less than 5 minutes) and wait another 10 minutes at the end so you don’t spoil all of your hard work!

=> But I thought one coat was enough with nailmatic… Was that a fib?

Let’s not get too heavy handed here. Indeed, with nailmatic, one coat is enough—that’s what’s so great. Busy girls love the concept! Your manicure won’t last as long but it’ll be just as good.

=> My nail polish is thick and stringy when I apply it. That sucks, right?

Ok, so it’s our turn to ask the questions now. Where do you store your nail polish? Bathroom, fridge, cupboard, dressing table…?

You should know that your polishes are not big fans of light and heat. Storing them in the bathroom or near a radiator alters their texture and their appearance. Keep them in a box, standing up, and store it in a dry space, in a cupboard. You can keep them in the fridge but if you are a hardcore nail addict, you’ll either need a very large refrigerator or you’ll have to do with less food…

=> Should nail polish be regularly shaken between uses to keep it in top condition?

Not at all—you should never shake your polish as if you were mixing a cocktail. The aim of the movement is to mix together the pigments: hold the polish vertically and roll it between your hands. Gently does it.

=> I always apply polish better on one hand than the other. What can I do to ensure both are perfect?

It’s practically impossible unless you are really gifted or totally ambidextrous. Try to lean the hand that is applying the polish on something and flatten out the hand that you are painting. Everything is a question of practice—you will become better at it with time and patience. So, ready for a warm up?

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