Barbora Strycova & nailmatic : That's a match!

Check out our Barbora Strykova's Blog stylish interview. This Czech girl is just the coolest player we've heard of in months!
 Barbora Strycova & nailmatic :  That's a match!

True or false: most women athletes don’t use nail polish? 

Well in tennis it’s not true. We do sports but we are women as well. So there are many girls who use nail polish on your and we all really try to care about manicure. So quite frankly, we try to have a nice nails. 


What is your beauty routine during competitions?

My nails must be always short. And I care about them very often. As my skin around nails tends to be very dry, I have to put lots of oil on it. When I am playing, I like to use nude colors.


Which nail polish colors best match clay and grass courts? 

Well, on grass I like to use something less shiny. Like I said before, nude is a great option. When we play on clay, we can play with colors a little bit more. But I like to match them with my tennis kit.


What is your favorite color? Around you and on your nails?

I like pastel colors the most, it’s hard for me to choose one: grey, baby pink, pea green… I also like to wear black, or red, it depends on my outfit $ and what event I am at. 



Do you have a lucky color? 

Not really. But I love colors that make me calm - pastel colors. 

How did you discover nailmatic?

I like to search for recycled clothes companies, organic cosmetics and so on. One day I was searching for some inspiration on Instagram and I really have to say nailmatic hit me right away. 

What do you like the most about our products?

I like the idea that they are vegan and eco friendly, yet you have so many colors to choose from. Also you seem like such a happy company and I like that. 

Is it important for you to use ecofriendly products?

Eco friendly products are important to me more and more with time as I realize that preventing water and air pollution is extremely important these days just as conserving energy. It’s a way of living with intent to me.



What’s your favourite outfit in daily life?

Jeans matched with a white T-shirt, it’s very easy going. But fashion is my passion. So apart from my official Instagram account @barborastrycova, I also run one called @barbeefun which is basically my fashion account:-) And it is so much fun for me!


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