4 mixing bases

Our pre-filled mixing bases make creating nail polishes super easy. It’s the perfect canvas to start working on your own color!

14,00 € tax incl.

Pack of 4 mixing bases. 1 bottle = 1 nail polish. 
Each mixing base allows you to create one nail polish. It’s a pre-filled bottle of clear plant-based solution. 
It includes 4 mixing balls: pretty handy to get an even color result. Give a vigorous shake to help them do their job.  

How many pipettes per bottle?

A bottle can hold 8 ml (0.27 fl.oz.) of nail polish, that's about 9 pipettes.

The pre-filled basic mix holds about 3 pipettes. There's still room for 6 pipettes worth of colour and/or glitter. If you add more, your bottle will overflow and you won't be able to mix your nail polish. 

Make sure everything you need is at the ready: browse our LAB kits and get one.
You can rely on us: test our colour recipes before creating your own shades, let us be your nail guide! 
The more, the merrier: share your creations with the #nailmaticlab
The most A-mazing colors will join our color range!

This one is for Beauty Geeks 

Why do you need our bases to obtain a professional nail polish finish?
Because they're "thixotropic". Sounds exotic but what does it mean, exactly?

Thixotropy is the property of certain gels or fluids that are viscous under normal conditions, but become thinner (less thick) when shaken or disturbed. These properties are often found in commercial products like toothpaste, shaving cream, ketchup, yogurt… and of course polymers like of our plant-based mixing base!

Show ingredients

Ingredients: butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, isosorbide dicaprylate/caprate, adipic acid/neopentyl glycol/trimellitic anhydride copolymer, alcohol, stearalkonium bentonitediacetone alcohol, n-butyl alcohol, phosphoric acid.

Contents: 8ml
Weight: 168 g

Nailmatic LAB

How to make your own DIY nail polish?

All you need to get started? Your keen eyes, pipettes (provided) and recipes (check)


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