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Kawaii Smart Plant Kit – Shippon

Plants that fend for themselves? Green thumbs up! Shippon just made a lazy gardener’s dream come true. Keep your mani safe, take a Shippon!

13,00 € tax incl.


We found the perfect gift ideas for lazy gardeners! Thanks to this smart little creatures, plants will grow without ruining your nailmatic mani. That’s soooo Shipponable!!
Shippon are ceramic little planters with a clever siphon tail that soaks up water to feed plants. A brilliant self watering system that leaves you with with just one thing to do: your nails!!! 

This set includes:
- 1 ceramic Shippon (dimensions: 8 x 7 x 3,5 cm)
- 1 transparent plastic glass (dimensions: 7 x 7,5 cm) 
- 1 seeds bag
- Instructions for use

Cleverly designed in Japan

Strawberries growing kit use

1/ Perch the cat on the glass included (you can also use your own mug or glass)
2/ Put the seeds in the planter
3/ You just fill the glass with water
4/ Do nothing else but your mani to keep your hands busy
5/ Within weeks, you’ll get sprouts!

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