Sabé Masson

 Sabé Masson

Sabé Masson has turned perfume into a solid source of feel-good vibes to treat your skin! A great explorer of perfume, Isabelle Masson stands apart for her elegant, unique and poetic approach. Did we mention that she co-founded Sephora? Well, now you know! Her Soft Perfumes reinvent a sensual, retro-chic tradition. 

Slide them over the pulse points of your skin: wrists, crease of inner arm, backs of knees, neck and nape of neck. The sticks are designed and produced between Paris and Grasse, using a natural cosmetic base to which a 10% concentration of fragrance is added. Their alcohol and paraben free formula allows the perfume to last longer on the skin. And, thanks to their special packaging, you can now travel light with your perfume!

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