Because there’s an art to creating a glitter polish, we concentrated our efforts on a reduced range of three divine colours: Zia, Mia and Isis.

These jewel-like polishes contain a superior gel technology allowing all glitter sizes to be suspended within. A burst of diamanté, a subtle mix of shades, your hands will reach for the stars!

Because glitter is difficult to remove, the nailmaTeam has thought of everything. Bye Bye Glitter, our peel-off base, allows you to remove your glitter polish in seconds, without any hassle, without damaging your nails and without the nasty odour of nail polish remover!

Glitter tips:

To ensure the longest wear possible, remove any nail polish from your nails and ensure they are clean and dry. Our peel-off water-based protector, Bye Bye Glitter, has been specially developed for glitter polishes. Apply a thin coat and wait for it to dry, at which point it will turn into a completely transparent film. Apply your glitter nail polish. To remove, it’s as simple as peeling off a sticker. Yes, you read that right—there’s no need for nail polish remover! For a really long-lasting finish, apply a base coat before Bye Bye Glitter.

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