Orange And Yellow

Orange And Yellow

Yellow and orange look great on darker skin tones—but it’s not so simple for paler complexions.

The solution can be found by combining colours: if you have a light or very pale skin tone, it’s up to you to use your cunning! Create the illusion of contrast by wearing warm and dark toned clothes or accessories, without relying too heavily on black. You won’t suddenly become more tanned, but your yellow or orange nails will take centre stage.

So all skin tones can treat themselves to a big dose of goodness from our juicy range: a healthy glow without exposure to UV with June, a more hot-headed touch with Hoki or red hot poppy with Ella! Watch out for secondary feel good effects: sunshine and good weather with Lulu or radiant pastel with the coral Heli.

An extra tip: these strong characters call for a natural look for the rest of your makeup!

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