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Peropon Kawaii Planter

In addition to being impossibly cute, this planter is a bit of a tongue-wagger—not because it’s busy gossiping, but because it’s making sure your plants get their daily dose of water.

13,00 € tax incl.

Peropon is always thirsty for a good reason—its felt tongue works as a watering system. A lovely idea from Japan that will save your house plants when you’re off on holiday for too long.
Each animal has its own plant: clover for the dog, basil for the panda, mint for the frog and strawberry for the cat.
Perfect for keeping your pretty manicured hands busy without risking a nailfail.
Ideal for bringing a kawaii touch to the office and practical in the kitchen.
A mini kawaii kitchen garden that’s hard to resist!


Wet the soil at the bottom of the pot
Place the pot in the Peropon
Plant your seeds
Add water to the saucer
Watch your plant grow!


Four animals to choose from
Glazed ceramic animal and saucer + felt tongue
Contains 1 seed sachet and 1 earth sachet
Instructions in French and illustrated instructions in English/Japanese
Measures approximately 7cm x 7.5cm x 10cm
Made in Japan by Seishin


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