Pastels have always been the perfect fairytale tones for weddings—princess vibes guaranteed!

Tanned, black and olive skins know that creamy tones surround them with softness and shine a light on their beauty. That’s not a reason to ignore them for the rest of the time (when there are no weddings in sight and you have pale skin). It’s all a question of quantity….

Even more so as our pastel tones will make your mouth water, from the lemon meringue pie Dona or the sugar coated almond Opale. These two tasty tones appreciate the company of marl, camel, navy or nude colours.

The rest of the line up for our Pastel range makes eyes at you with Agathe (turquoise), Lena (lavender), Heli (coral), Kito (blue) and Lila (mauve). Don’t baby them—wear them with strong pieces from your wardrobe for a powerful pastel look!

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